Craigmontís Sixth Annual Jamín in the Park Starts July 12th
Jamín in the Park started in 2002 as a way to showcase local musicians.  For two years, with limited sound systems and only one electrical outlet (the only other outlet had to be shared with concessions), music filled the small farming community of Craigmont as musicians played under the shade of the trees and local businesses provided the concessions.
In 2004 thanks to a Forest Service Grant, a brand new band shell greeted the musicians who came on that first Thursday evening in July.  The first thing many of them commented on as they were unloading their instruments was ďlook at all the electrical outlets.Ē  After having to share one outlet for a couple of years, the idea of so many outlets lining the walls of the beautiful cedar bandshell was quite a treat.  After the performance started, the real treat was in store when the musicians heard the wonderful acoustics of the new band shell.  The community of Craigmont and all the volunteers who built the band shell certainly did a wonderful job.
The following year, a new sound system was purchased thanks to the Idaho Community Foundation.  So in 2005 not only was there plenty of electricity, lights for when it got dark, but also wonderful sound with more then enough instruments plugs for everyone to easily plug in when it was their turn at the mic.  Yes, plenty of microphones too.
Ask and we shall provide.  Several of the regular musicians last year suggested that a dance floor would really compliment the Jamín performances.  Thanks again to the Idaho Community Foundation, this year will see a new dance floor installed.  Although it wonít be completed until the second Jamín in the Park, it will be a wonderful compliment to the facility and will encourage everyone to get up and move to the music.
Since 2002 over 59 different musicians have performed at Jamín in the Park.  What a wonderful showcase for all this talent.
On this era of tight budgets and reduced activities in small communities, the City of Craigmont has been active in seeking outside funding sources in order to offer itís community members diverse options for health, fitness and cultural experiences.  Jamín in the Park is a wonderful example of that.  Jamín in the Park will start July 12th and continue every Thursday evening from 6-9 through August 2nd.  Each night will have a different Craigmont business offering concessions and the concession line up is Camas Café, Primeland, Prairie Café and Lil Canyon House Espresso.  Our motto is ďgrab your chairs, blankets and smilesĒ and join us for the sixth annual Jamín in the Park.

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