Encroachment request approved
An encroachment request by Emmanuel Baptist Church was approved at the July meeting of the Cottonwood City Council Monday, July 9.
After rejecting a request to vacate an alley so that a breezeway could be built between the current church and their new building, it was suggested they instead try for an encroachment since the city has utilities in that alley and it was felt not to be in the city’s interest to vacate the alley.
In the water report Jay Hinterlong reported there was 5,229,190 gallons of water pumped during June with 5,148,911 gallons sold leading to a loss of just over 80,000 gallons or only 1.5%, which has to be some kind of record.
Jim Steinke reported costs for the lagoon seepage tests that need to be done next year as part of the land application permit process are estimated at about $8,000. That cost will be budgeted into the 2008 fiscal year budget.
Jack Duman reported most of the mag chloride treated streets turned out very well this year and the cost looks to be considerably less than it was the last couple of years.
He is looking at doing about $17,000 worth of chip sealing on several streets around the end of July, first part of August. 
Some sidewalk repair work is also being eyed, as is curb repair in front of the Elementary School.
He said they are also looking into the drainage problems in the Terrace Addition with a storm drain system the likely cure. They may be approaching the citizens there about a Local Improvement District to fund the project. Butler Street also has some drainage problems that they will be looking at.
In the Land and Buildings report the new public works buildings are nearing completion. The doors will be installed later in the month. Water, sewer and electric have been installed. Once the doors are in they may get an inmate crew in to help with some finishing work.
Mayor Denis Duman reported the Fire Department will be hosting a breakfast on Saturday of Fair Days to celebrate their 100th anniversary. He also reported that the extrication training went very well. He said he was amazed at the things you can do with the equipment they have.
In the Planning and Zoning report Jack Duman reported they continued debate on the proposed Verizon Tower. See Mayor Duman’s Notes from City Hall column for some further information on just what’s being discussed.
Hinterlong reported that IdaLew’s next meeting would be here in Cottonwood on July 24 with a 5 p.m. no-host dinner at the Country Haus followed by the meeting at 6 p.m. They will hold election of officers at that time.
The American Legion building’s utility bill was discussed. Since it only hosted 2 meetings per month, the Legion had paid only 1 months worth of utilities per year. This agreement had been negotiated years ago and there was no problem with it until water usage jumped. Apparently the Monastery has been renting the building for yoga classes accounting for the rise in water usage. Ralph Stubbers, representing the Legion said that they don’t have a lot in the way of income and to pay $66+ per month becomes prohibitive. Joe Wright suggested the city come up with a new rate category to cover the Legion and any other similar situations. Currently the only exemption is no-occupancy, which basically is the minimum charge to cover the bond repayments with all services cut off, which wouldn’t fit the Legion’s situation.
The matter was tabled with the water and sewer commissioner directed to come up with a proposal. Wright said he has something in mind that might work and will draft a proposal to present to the council.
City Clerk Carol Altman noted the lease for K & K Farms at the agriforest expired June 1. Mayor Duman directed the clerk to inform them that their lease has expired and no decision has been reached on whether to lease it again.
The council adjourned at 8:30 p.m. The next meeting will be Monday, August 13 at 7 p.m. 

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