Photos from American Operetta in Review
Photos are scenes from “American Operetta in Revue” provided by Deanna Benton of the Winchester Library. Top left photo are the Soloists for vocals and dance in the operetta - Deanna Benton, Yasmin, Karen Coombes, Cheryl Walsh, Kimberly Thompson during their encore. Top right photo: "Italian Street Song" from Naughty Marietta - (from left) Kimberly Thompson, Sienna Benton, Cheryl Walsh, Yasmin, Karen Coombes, Beth Behler, Deanna Benton. Middle left photo: "Art is Calling For Me or Prima Donna" from The Enchantress - Karen Coombes, Deanna Benton, Kimberly Thompson. Photo directly above: "Toyland from Babes in Toyland" - Deanna Benton, (children) Malayna Hambly, Nathan and Nathan Case (cowboys), (hidden behind Owen) Clarrisse Hambly. Photo at left: "Romany Life" from The Fortune Teller - (from left) Cheryl Walsh, Karen Coombes, Deanna Benton (behind) Kimberly Thompson. 


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