Upcoming events at the Winchester Library

Talent Tuesdays:
July 17
12:00 noon -1:00 pm
The Winchester Library has lined up a special group of performers the public is sure to enjoy. Four members of the group will be presenting a variety of prose and western music. Included are Howard Norskog - National Champion Poet 1998, Maxine Larson - cowgirl singer and songwriter, pride of the bluegrass and fiddle circuit, Jim Bullard - Christian Male Vocalist of the Year 2006 and Larry Palmer - cowboy poet. The general public is encouraged to come by and see this special event. The Friends of the Library will be providing delicious baked goods and beverages.
July 31
12:00 noon - 1:00 pm
Michael's new book "The Witch's Garden - Tales of Horror and Suspense on Idaho's Craig Mountain" has just been released. It is a collection of fictionalized tales using some very well-known landmarks and occurrences around the parts.  Please come and enjoy and afternoon of Michael reading from his current book and something new from his upcoming book. Michael will be selling autographed copies and answering any of your questions about his writing experiences. (See article below for more info on Lamping's book.)
Tuesday, July 24
10:00 am
Join crotchetier extraordinaire, Jan Grueter, as she helps you experience the fine art of crochet.  Bring some yarn, hooks and patterns you wish to do.

The Witch's Garden
The Witch’s Garden is a book featuring nine short horror stories written by local author Michael Lamping.  The stories take place on Craig Mountain and use towns that no longer exist, towns and places that still exist, and a town that never existed in an area known to locals as Icicle Flats. 
History and imaginative use of legends have been combined to make the stories realistic.  This combination sets the stage for truly horrific tales that should cause the reader to look both ways when crossing the Camas Prairie at night. 
You can ask for it at your favorite bookstore or order it online.
Michael Lamping is fifty-six years old and considers himself a refugee from Western Washington.  Mike lives with his wife Nicki on the prairie outside of Craigmont, Idaho.  They are both retired and are raising produce to sell in Craigmont.  Michael served in the Army Honorably and is a Disabled American Veteran who retired after working many years as a machinist. Michael also plays guitar for the Craigmont Community Church and plays for his personal amusement.  His wife Nicki retired after 20 years as a Rural Mail Carrier for the Monroe, WA, Post Office.   The both of them have come to love the people and the prairie around where they live.  
The Witch’s Garden is Michael’s first published work.  His book has been accepted by the VALNet Library system, and he will be doing a book reading and signing at the Winchester Community Library in Winchester, ID, library from 12:00 to 1:00 pm, Tuesday, July 31.  Michael is currently working on his second book, which he hopes to have in the book stores by Halloween of 2008.   His new book starts where his short story from The Witch’s Garden, ‘Icicle Flats’, ends.
For more information about the book and for future events go to www.michaellamping.com or email at mike@michaellamping.com .  You can also access Mike’s blog from his web site.  
The cover from Lamping's book.
Author Michael Lamping near an old shed in the Craig Mountain area his stories are based in.

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