100 years of firefighting in Cottonwood
Last Wednesday, July 11, 2007 was the 100 year anniversary of the formation of the Cottonwood Volunteer Fire Department.  The Department is proud to celebrate 100 years of tradition and congratulates and thanks all past and current members for their service and dedication as well as all members of the community who have given their support and assistance over the years.
A special thank you is due for all families, relatives, and friends of fire department members who have lived with many inconveniences.  They have dealt with being woken up in the middle of the night, having meals, holidays and many other normal routines interrupted, postponed, or canceled as the result a fire alarm.  Firefighter’s time at training and meetings also causes inconveniences to family life.  The members of the Department would also like to thank the family, friends, neighbors, and EMTs who have many times provided food, refreshments, and other critical support to firefighters at fire scenes.
In honor of their centennial, the Cottonwood Fire Department invites all members of the community, and especially all past members of the Fire Department, to attend an open house at the Fire Station on Saturday, August 18, 2007.  The Department will also be serving breakfast at the Community Hall that morning from 8:00 am to 10:00.  It will be especially fun for people to share stories and swap tales of fires, funny incidents, history, or anything else relating to the Department and its members.  The Fire Department appreciates your support and the opportunity to continue to serve and carry on this proud tradition.  A special thank you is given to Greg and Pat at the Cottonwood Chronicle for providing coverage of this centennial event over the past weeks.
The Cottonwood City Fire Department and the Cottonwood Rural Fire District are staffed by the same personnel.  The following list includes the current roster of volunteers with their positions and their approximate years of service on the Department.
Rod Behler, Fire Chief, 28 years; Brian Schaeffer, Firefighter, 8 years; Greg Sonnen, Assistant Chief, 14 years; Greg Danly, Firefighter, 8 years; Denis Duman, Captain, 23 years; Chad Latimer, Firefighter, 7 years; Brian Latimer, Captain, 11 years; Roy Uhlenkott, Firefighter, 3 years; Ron Grant, Secretary/Treasurer, Safety Officer, 18 years; Wyatt Stark, Firefighter, 3 years; Clancy Slichter, Firefighter, 1 year; Ed Holthaus, Engineer, Safety Officer, 9 years; Randy Thompson, Firefighter, 1 year; Seth Crane, Firefighter, 1 year; Gary Riener, Firefighter, 23 years; Dustin Uhlenkott, Firefighter, 1 year; Bill Schumacher, Firefighter, 19 years; Al Teats, Firefighter, 4 months; Terry Cochran, Firefighter, 16 years; Dustin Behler, Firefighter, 2 months; Rob Stinson, Firefighter, 12 years; Jake Holthaus, Summer Intern; Curt Terhaar, Firefighter, 10 years; Daniel Sigler, Summer Intern. 
Approximately 80% of all structural fire fighters in the United States are volunteers.  Serving the community as a volunteer firefighter is a very rewarding job.  Although being a volunteer firefighter takes a considerable amount of time and commitment, it serves a critical need to the community.  At times, it is hard work and many times it is a lot of fun.  The Department is often in need of new members.  The Cottonwood Fire Department invites members of the community to consider joining the Department and continuing the tradition of this institution as it enters into its second 100 years.  Anyone who has an interest in joining the Department or learning more about it should contact any officer or member of the Department.

Cottonwood Fire Department – June 18, 2007. Back row, left to right:  Rod Behler, Curt Terhaar, Greg Danly, Brian Schaeffer, Clancy Slichter, Randy Thompson, Ron Grant, Denis Duman, Greg Sonnen. Front row, left to right:  Dustin Uhlenkott, Roy Uhlenkott, Gary Riener, Wyatt Stark, Bill Schumacher, Brian Latimer, Chad Latimer, Daniel Sigler. Missing:  Terry Cochran, Rob Stinson, Ed Holthaus, Seth Crane, Dustin Behler, Al Teats. Photo provided by Ron Grant.

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