Blood drive falls short of goal
This is a belated report on the July 10 Red Cross Blood drive.   There is some good news and some bad news.  Our goal was 90 usable units of blood.  The good news is that there were 91 donors through the door.  The bad news is that there were 19 donors deferred making a total of 72 usable units.   That is not enough for the summer season when no one knows how many units will be needed.  So the next time we have to come up with more donors in order to make our goal.  There are numerous reasons why the unit donated cannot be used, but the most prevalent one is not enough iron in the blood.  This is happening all over our district and some of the blame can be not  enough iron rich foods.   But our managers were also blaming the hot weather.
So what has to happen the next time is that we still need more donors to come through the door.   We are hoping that all of you will think about this the next time the blood drive comes, which is Oct 16.   We were very pleased that our new high school principal and his wife, Todd and Audra Shumway called and made an appointment.  They have made it a practice to donate and they do it where ever they are!
Wendy Olin and Alan Teats are special because they came for the first time. But just as special are the ones who earned pins for donating. Bud Uhling
has given six gallons, Gladys Sonnen, five gallons. Jeanne Poxleitner and Judy Uhlorn each gave 4 gallons, Brenda Kaschmitter, 3 gallons. One gallon pins were given to Laura Workman, Fern Braseth, Jay Hinterlong, and Mona Farmer.
Ralph Sprute, Chuck Kreautler, Laurie and Mikey Karel, Courtney and Noah Talbot, Jordan Adams and Andy and  Curt Terhaar helped with the set up and tear down.
Helping with the drive were: Carol Lauer, Elaine Schumacher, Marilyn Schmidt, Helen Huntley, Sally Rehder, Dolores von Bargen, Anna Gehring, Doris Sonnen and Vera Holthaus.
A big thank you to each and every one who assisted in any way, especially if you were responsible for encouraging someone to come and give! And, again , thank you to the  donors for making it all happen.
See you at the next drive Oct 16. We appreciate the local paper for always helping us spread the word!

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