Meet the 2007 Idaho County Fair Royalty

Queen Casandra
“This has been a great experience to learn about myself and learn what responsibility really is,” said Idaho County Fair Queen Casandra Schaeffer.
The Prairie High School senior is the daughter of Lonnie and Collette Schaeffer of Ferdinand. Her grandparents are Harold and Carol Schaeffer, also of Ferdinand, and Lorenzo and Annabelle Gonzales of Cottonwood. She has one brother, Dustin, 15.
Schaeffer has been involved in volleyball and track at PHS as well as TSA, Prairie League and Zoo Crew. She is currently employed by Hoene Hardware, volunteers at St. Mary’s Hospital and works special occasions at the Ferdinand Hall.
Besides representing Idaho County, Schaeffer has had the opportunity to learn a few things during her reign.
“I have learned to walk in high heels as well as how to balance myself on a moving trailer,” she laughed. “Most of all, I have learned a lot about myself as well as others, responsibility and teamwork.”
Schaeffer is sponsored by the Keuterville Livestock 4-H Club where she is also a member.

First Princess Jennifer
“ A fair queen once said, ‘It’s not just about being pretty or having pretty dresses, but it’s a lot of work and you have fun doing different activities,’” said Idaho County Fair First Princess Jennifer Lynn Enneking quoting the former queen, her sister, Bridget Enneking.
First princess Jennifer Lynn Enneking, a senior from Prairie High School, is the daughter of Patrick and Lannette Enneking of Keuterville. She has three siblings: Jessica, 21, Bridget, 19, and Kenneth, 17. Her grandparents are Lorenzo and Annabelle Gonzales and Vivia Enneking of Cottowood.
Enneking is active in school sports such as basketball and volleyball. She is the new vice president for the class of 2008, a member of the Zoo Crew, and a member of a drug-free group.
Enneking encourages other girls to try out for this exciting experience.
“There are many young girls who are capable of being royalty if you just set your mind to it.” She added, “…it’s not about letting your parents be there to do everything, but it gives you a chance to create something memorable and a chance to meet new people.”

Second Princess Bonnie
“This has been a great experience,” said Idaho County Fair second princess Bonnie Reilly of her reign. “It has been so much fun to be able to travel to parades, I love talking to the little girls – they really look up to us.”
Reilly will be a senior at Grangeville High School this fall. She is the daughter of Tom and Sandra Reilly and has three brothers and two sisters: Patrick, 23, Anthony, 22, Thomas, 19, Tamara, 14 and Kara, 11.
Reilly is a member of Lively Livestock 4-H Club and has been involved in her church youth group as well as cross country at GHS. She is employed by Cash and Carry Foods in Grangeville.
Reilly said she ahs appreciated the opportunity to travel and share her faith as a Christian through her actions.
“It’s also a wonderful experience to get to know other girls you may never have known otherwise,” she said.
One memorable experience came when her father drove the truck pulling the float for the first time.
“He slammed on the brakes so hard it made Casandra fall over,” she smiled.
Reilly recently returned from Africa where she went to Nigeria for a church mission trip.
The above articles are borrowed from the Idaho County Fair Premium Book and were written by staff members Lori Palmer and Sarah Yama of the Idaho County Free Press. The photos are by Chronicle photographer Greg Wherry.

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