Arnzens are grand marshals
Shorty and Marge Arnzen, former owners of the Cottonwood Sales Yard, are the 2007 Grand Marshals for the Idaho County Fair at Cottonwood. 
Shorty and Marge are auctioneers for the Saturday afternoon livestock sale.  In the 1980’s Shorty and Bob Nuttman visited the Chamber of Commerce in surrounding towns to help promote the sales by providing money to help with purchases.  This program is still going on to help the 4-H members receive good prices for their animals. Marge and Shorty Arnzen.
Shorty and Marge helped with the auction and clerking for 42 years and have not missed a stock sale in 51 years. 
Marge Spencer Arnzen was born in Jerome and lived in Joseph, Canfield and Grangeville before settling in  Cottonwood with her parents, Vade and Mary Spencer, who started the Cottonwood Sales Yard. 
Shorty Arnzen, who will be 75 in August, was born and raised in Greencreek on the family homestead property.  He was the youngest of 10 children, who were all born at home and delivered by Grandmother Nuxoll. 
They were married in 1955 and went into business with her father at the Sales Yard.  They also started a Sales Yard in Lewiston. 
In 1972 Marge’s father died and they took over the running of the yard.  In 1975 they began building a new Sales Yard east of Cottonwood on the highway.
In 1998 they sold the Sales Yard now known as Prairie Agricultural Center. 
The Arnzens raised three children, two daughters and a son, who all graduated from Prairie High School.  They have seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  
Throughout the years Shorty has been a member of the Idaho County Cattleman’s Association, was appointed by the Governor to serve on the Idaho Beef Council and for six years and served as the president of the Livestock Market Association for 12 years. 
Marge was involved in 4-H and the cowbells, still works part-time as the business manager for Small Butte Construction and is a precinct committee person for the Central Idaho Republican Committee. 
Shorty told of his father and mother loading up the truck and driving kids to Spokane in the late 1930’s for the stock show.  These trips continued into the early 40’s. 
Shorty added – “It has been a very good life and we’re lucky to have good family and friends who helped us succeed in business –and life. 
We wish the best to Shorty and Marge and many more fair day’s experiences.  

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