School Board meets
Bus routes for the upcoming school year were approved with little or no changes from last year at the August meeting of the school board Monday, August 20. They are printed below.
Several positions were filled with Teel Bruner named as the new high school varsity boys basketball coach. 
Dustin Behler, C coach for the girls last year, was named the new JV coach and will also coach the 7th grade girls team.
Ciara Benton was named as the new high school dance team adviser.
Tova Cladouhos was hired to the social worker position.
A part-time special education teacher position had yet to be filled but superintendent Gary Blaz informed the board he should have someone to recommend to the board at their workshop Thursday.
The board also approved the resignation of Jerry Uhling as assistant baseball coach.
A bus service agreement for Dan and Jeanne VonBargen was approved. They live in the Mountain View School District (formerly Grangeville) but near the 242 line and want to send their children to Prairie Schools.
The middle school and high school schedules were reviewed by the board and approved.
Vacation for the year-round employees was discussed with a change in the proposed policy recommended by the board. Board member Bill Hill noted that after 25 years an employee would have enough vacation days to take a full month off and was concerned that could be a problem. The board recommended that no more than 2 consecutive weeks could be taken at a time. The policy will be discussed further at next month’s meeting with action likely taken at that time.
In administrative reports Todd Shumway said they have 9 new students at the high school this year bringing their total to 156, which is higher than projected expectations.
He also reported the summer projects are nearing completion.
He noted as well that the coaches are doing a good job of getting the message across to the players about following training rules and keeping things positive.
Rene’ Forsmann reported her staff meeting went very well and they are working on the budget and plans for Gear Up, which is a state funded program aimed at getting students to take more math and science courses and be more ready for college. The current 6th, 7th and 8th graders are the students that will see the most benefit from the program.
She reported the window project has been finished and looks good. Half the concrete was poured Monday with the rest to be done this week. 
Sonesa Lundmark is doing a very colorful mural at the cafeteria entrance.
The middle school staff worked security and cleanup for the fair and did a great job. The fairboard paid them $1200 for this which will be used to purchase digital cameras and a projector for classroom use.
Blaz reported the restroom remodel at the Elementary School was very well done. Also the new carpet has been installed in several classrooms and hallways.
He reported on how he plans to do the back to school meeting next Monday.
He also gave the board an outline of where he plans to be each day and that if they ever need to get hold of him to contact Denise or Lynn as they have access to his calendar.
The board meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m. The next regular meeting will be Monday, Sept. 17 at 7 p.m.

Cottonwood School District Bus Routes 2007-2008
FERDINAND – Angie Ahlers, Joe Forsmann
Bus # 008
7:00 a.m.
Rick Dalgleish, Mike Nau, Mike Duclos, Scott Schaeffer, Lonnie Schaeffer, Jeff Jackson, John Frei, Scott Kennedy, Ferdinand Town Children, Kevin Benton, Joyce Grant, Ken Ross, John Paul Frei, Dan Everson, David Frei. 
COTTONWOOD – Sharon Johnson
Bus # 02-7
7:00 a.m.
Wally Williams, Pat McWilliams, Donald Trock, Brendan Arnzen, Doug Lustig, Bob Lustig, Teel Bruner, Tim Dalgliesh, Mel Sonnen, Vic Lustig, Darrel Uhlorn, Alan Holthaus, Shawn Seubert, Darla Whitley.
GREENCREEK – Jerry Schumacher
Bus # 007
7:00 a.m.
Aaron Hinkelman, Ethan Remacle, Tom Sonnen, Jerry Schumacher, Steve Sonnen, Brad Higgins, Joe Baerlocher, Casey Arnzen, Tony Schumacher, Roy Schumacher, Don Schumacher, Kevin Schmidt, John Schumacher, Ken Stubbers, Tom Schumacher, Phil Schmidt, Rusty Lorentz, Mike Vanderpas, Kris Shears, Jacob Forsmann, Mark Anderson, Greg Danly. 
COTTONWOOD – Becky Madden
Bus # 98-2
7:00 a.m.
Jerry Forsmann, Christy Renne’, Jesse Vanator, Jim Breugeman, Jeff VonBargen, Dan VonBargen, Tim Seubert, Ken Seubert, Tad Tidwell, Brett Uhlenkott, Ryan Uhlenkott, Mike Kaschmitter, Denis Rowland. 
KEUTERVILLE – Rick Johnson
Bus # 01-1
7:00 a.m.
Ben Munger, Joe Ross, Clint Mader, Gerry Gehring, Loretta Poxleitner, Naomi Laurino, Glenn Poxleitner, Ed Poxleitner, Keuterville Town Children, Tom Gehring, Roger Uptmor, Mark Geis, Jesse Geis, Ken Geis, Roy Uhlenkott, Pat Long, Jack Duman, Cottonwood Town Children. 
Bus # 004
7:00 a.m.
Dan Lynch, George Hager, Darcie Waller, Dave Enneking, Rick Johnson, Kent Tassel, Brian Gehring, Tim Gehring, Scott Jungert, Pat Enneking, Kent Rad, Joe Nuxoll, Scott Ross, Butch Spencer, Cottonwood Town Children. 

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