Kayla Uhlenkott is Round Robin champion, again
Kayla Uhlenkott was the Round Robin Grand Champion Showman at the Idaho County Fair for the second straight year, while Taylor Canaday was the Reserve Champion.Kayla Uhlenkott with her grand champion steer
In individual fitting and showing classes Uhlenkott was grand champion for beef while Wyatt Williams was reserve champion.
Damian McWilliams was grand champion for dairy heifers with Kelsey Tidwell as reserve.
Jessica Munson was grand champion for sheep while Kim Frei was reserve.
Camille Schumacher was grand champion for market swine with Logan Schumacher as reserve.
Uhlenkott was grand champion for horses with Canaday as reserve.
Spencer Connolley was grand champion for rabbits with Julia Reardon as reserve.
Brittany Filon was grand champion for poultry with Bailey Cullin as reserve. 
Sarah Davis was grand champion for goats with Cullin as reserve.
Kim Frei was grand champion for dog showmanship with Tate Stowers as reserve.
Stowers was grand champion for dog obedience with Laura Gehring as reserve.
In the quality awards Uhlenkott had the grand champion for beef while Lucas Arnzen had the reserve champion.
Julia Workman had the grand champion beef heifer while Shailyn Jungert had the reserve.
Ally Cook with her grand champion lambKylie Tidwell had the grand champion beef heifer while Damian McWilliams had the reserve.
Ally Cook had the grand champion market lamb while Renae Holland had the reserve.
Victoria Davis had the grand champion breeding ewe while Bailey Cullin had the reserve.
Justin DeFord had the grand champion for market swine while Abbie Uhlenkott had the reserve.
Spencer Connolley had the grand champion rabbit while Allie Fronk had the reserve.
Bailey Cullin had the grand champion goat while Brooke Eades had the reserve.
Brittany Filon had the grand champion poultry while Grace Olson had the reserve.
In the livestock judging contest Wyatt Williams took 1st place with Pamela Holman 2nd; Elizabeth Forsmann 3rd; Ebben Lane 4th and Justin Robie 5th. Top Beef judge was Janessa Raichart. Top swine judge was Holman and top sheep judge was Taylor Canaday.
In the Rate of Gain contest Rachel Wemhoff had the top beef steer at 5.8 lbs./day. Joey Garcia had the top market lamb at 1.18 lbs./day and Mason Dalgliesh had the top market swine at 2.5 lbs./day.
Wyatt Williams had the top senior Livestock Record Book while Justin Schmidt won the intermediate award and Justin DeFord won the junior award.
Top Horse Record Book award went to Camille Tosten.Justin DeFord with his grand champion hog.
Top Agricultural Demonstration Awards went to Julia Reardon, Junior; Tate Stowers, Intermediate and Julia Workman, Senior.
The 4-H Herdsmanship Award went to Greencreek Active Workers.
The top Community Service Project Poster Award also went to Greencreek Active Workers.
Lucas Arnzen won the Outstanding Angus 4-H Project award for highest placing Black Angus Market Steer while Shailyn Jungert won for having the highest placing Black Angus Breeding Project.
Laine Pratt won the Idaho Salers Association Award for top Saler 4-H Beef Project.
Julia Workman won the award for top Hereford 4-H Beef Project.
Sarah Davis won the Idaho County 4-H Ewe Project award. 
Fenn Livestock won the award for the club with the highest percentage of beef projects.
Top Feeder Pig Project award went to Justin Dempsey with Ana Pauley 2nd.
Top overall Swine Project Award went to Logan Schumacher.
Top overall Sheep Project Award went to Jessica Munson.
Top overall Beef Project Award went to Kayla Uhlenkott.
Uhlenkott also received the top Overall Agriculture Project Award.
The George Enneking Award for top Know Your Government project went to Nichole Solberg.
Dave Klapprich Memorial Award went to Kylie Uhlorn.
Senior mugs went to Charlene Duman, Randi Schumacher, Alyssa Frei, Kayla Uhlenkott, Brad Killmar and Cori Wemhoff. Frei put in 9 years in 4-H while the others put in 10 years each.
The Idaho County Volunteer Distinguished Service Award went to Donnie Schumacher.
Lucas Arnzen wtih his reserve champion steer.
Renea Holland with her reserve champion lamb.
Abbie Uhlenkott with her reserve champion hog.
Don Schumacher receives the Distinguished Service Volunteer Award.

Wheatgrower special awards
The Idaho County Wheat Growers sponsored special awards in the Open Class Baked Goods Division.
They sponsored additional $5 first and $4 second place awards to the outstanding blue ribbon exhibitor in the first 10 categories in baked goods.
Receiving those awards were:
Yeast Bread-1. Judy Ozmer.
Quick Bread-1. Anna Gehring, 2. Beth Forsmann.
Rolls (Yeast)-1. Anna Gehring, 2. Judy Ozmer.
Holiday Breads-1. Nita Musick, 2. Judy Ozmer.
Layer Cakes-no award.
Butterless Cake-1. Lorraine Learn, 2. Carol Sue Hauntz.
Bundt Cake-1. Lorraine Learn, 2. Lorraine Learn.
Cookies-1. Lorraine Learn, 2. Judy Ozmer.
Double Crusted Fruit Pies-1. Lorraine Smith, 2. Anita Smith.
Sourdough Products-1. Nita Musick.

Open Class Awards
Following are the Best of Show and Merit Award winners among Open Class entries at the Idaho County Fair.
Poultry-Best of Show-Jessica Filon.A winning entry in the open class building.
Rabbit-Best of Show-Spencer Connolley.
Photography-Best of Show-Stacey Garry; Award of Merit, Jr. Division-Joseph Lustig.
Quilts-Best of Show-Joan Hall; Award of Merit-John & Judy Hoogland.
Needlework-Best of Show-Gleta Perry; Award of Merit-Joan Hall.
Sewing-Best of Show-Elayne Murphy.
Art-Best of Show-Jackie Zumwalt; Award of Merit-Morgan Anderberg; Landscape Award-Mary Bakker.
Food Preservation-Best of Show-Millie Wimer; Award of Merit-Laura Wassmuth.
Dried Food-Best of Show-Lata Strauss; Award of Merit-Cindy Lane
Checking out the vegetable exhibits.Wine-Best of Show-Stacey Garry; Award of Merit-Millie Wimer.
Jr. Division-Best of Show-Ashley Shumway; Award of Merit-Ashley Shumway.
Hobbies-Best of Show-Jim Vopat; Award of Merit-Bill Farmer.
High School Hobbies-Best of Show-Steven Baerlocher; Award of Merit-Camile Tosten.
Artistic Flower Arrangement-Best of Show-Ann Bos; Award of Merit-Ann Bos.
Flower-Best of Show-Lorraine Smith; Award of Merit-Linda Schnelbly.
Vegetables-Best of Show-Linda Burnside; Award of Merit-Dana Keyser.
Fruit-Best of Show-Sheryl Nuxoll.
Handrcrafted Gift Items-Best of Show-Sara Olson; Award of Merit-Sallie Eide.
Crochet-Best of Show-Morgan Anderberg; Award of Merit-Angela Williams.
Knitting-Best of Show-Elayne Murphy; Award of Merit-Jeanette Kelly.
Baked Goods-Best of Show-Anna Gehring; Award of Merit-Lorraine Learn.

4-H awards
Following are the top project award winners in 4-H Family and Consumer Science at the 2007 Idaho County Fair.
Constructed Clothing Awards
Beginner Clothing Award (Ready, Set, Sew; Sew Some More)-Top-Holli Uhlorn; Runners-Up-Marisa Lustig and Anna Pauley.
Intermediate Clothing Awards (Seams Sew Easy; Sew What)-Top-Alicia Lothspeich; Runners-Up-MaKayla Schaeffer and Rachel Kaschmitter.
Advanced Clothing Awards (Sew Wow; Favorites; Expressions; Explorations)-Top-Chelsea Long; Runners-Up-Demetria Riener and Lauren Duman.
Making the Most of Me: Setting the Stage-Holli Uhlorn; Phase I-Madeline Schwartz; Phase II-Rebekah Evans; Phase III-Emily Lerandeau; Phase IV-Carolyn Sonnen.
Top Model Awards
Constructed Clothing: Beginner-Kayla Evans; Intermediate-Margaret Yalbuw; Advanced-Chelsea Long.
Making the Most of Me: Setting the Stage-Abbie Uhlenkott; Phase I-Sarah Baune; Phase II-Kayla Evans; Phase III-Kristi Poxleitner; Phase IV-Carolyn Sonnen.
Top Beginning Foods-Camille Botello; Top Intermediate Foods-Megan Sigler; Cake Decorating-Margaret Yalbuw.
Senior Mugs-Randi Schumacher, 10 years; Carolyn Sonnen, 10 years; Kylie Uhlorn, 10 years.
Friends of 4-H Awards-Creative Sewing (Sewing machine) Abbigail Lustig; Making the Most of Me (Luggage) Carolyn Sonnen.
Specialty Projects-Top Leathercraft-Frank Spencer; Top Woodworking-Zachery Frei; Top Photography-Rebekah Enos.
Communications & Express Arts Division: Rebecca Hinkson, Ceramics; Frank Spencer, Leathercraft; Jackie Mager, Ceramics; Chelsea Long, Scrapbooking.
Environmental Education & Earth Sciences: Tyler Olson, Sport Fishing.
Family & Consumer Science Divison: Jeanna Schaack, Quilting.
Science & Technology Division: Zachery Frei, Woodworking; Cody Schumacher, Welding.
Citizenship & Civic Education Division: Nichole Solberg, Know Your Government.
Top Secretary Book: Justin Deford, Fenn Livestock 4-H Club.
Outstanding Leadership: Dana Groom.

Green Swing Dance awards
Several awards were given for the 4-H Green Swing Dance at the Idaho County Fair.
Lip Sync Contest winners were Cameron Killmar and Emily Kaschmitter.
The Greenest People were Austin Sonnen and McKenzie Talbott.
The Club with the Most Green Spirit was the Cottonwood Wanders.

Bake-off Contest winners
This year the first 4-H Bake-Off Contest was held at the Idaho County Fair.
This year’s contest was a pie bake-off.
In Division 1 (8-13 years old) the winner was Megan Johnston with Claire Majors as runner-up.
In Division 3 (relative of a 4-H member) the winner was Bonnie Majors.

There were 35 children participating in this year’s Pigtail Contest at the Idaho County Fair, one of the largest competitions in years.
The competition was broken down into 3 age groups, 0-3 year olds, 4-5 year olds and 6-7 year olds.A Pigtail contestant.
In the 0-3 year old group Dani Sonnen had the longest pigtail. Tying for second were Olivia Klapprich and Jade Prigge. Olivia Oxnam took third.
Hailey Oxnam had the shortest pigtail. Rachael Sonnen took second and Cami Henderson took third.
Lindsay McTague had the widest pigtail with Sarah Lustig second and Miranda Klapprich was third.
Gloria Williams received a green ribbon in the 0-3 year old group.
In the 4-5 year old group Brooklin Riener had the longest pigtail with Halle Klapprich second and Ciara Chaffee third.
Calli Perrin had the shortest pigtail with Madison Shears second and Naomi Connelley third.
Jacey Rambo had the widest pigtail with Mattie Lustig second and Jessie Sonnen third.
Additional contestants in the 4-5 year old group receiving green ribbons were Bridget McTague, Mary Wren, Taylor An Bransford and Annie Fogelsong.
In the 6-7 year old age group Alyssa Zabel had the longest pigtail. Katie Lustig and Nichole Blacksmer tied for second and Hailey Russel was third.
Grace Vopat had the shortest pigtail with Kayla Rehder was second and Ardice Fogelsong was third.
Kayla Rehder had the widest pigtail with Samantha Riener second and Karissa Heitman third.
In the Most Unusual Competition Naomi Connelly took first with Rosie Trautman and Kayla Rehder tying fir second and Madison Shears taking third. Receiving a green ribbon for participating was Natalie Williams.
Another Pigtail contestant.
A competitor for shortest pigtails?

Parade winners named
Best of Show winner at the 2007 Idaho County Fair Parade was the VFW Color Guard.
In the commercial division Camas Prairie Insurance & Intermountain Mortgage took first place with Hometown Auto & Ag second and Coffee Mill Creations third.
The Idaho County Fair Royalty float took first among royalty entries with the Lewis County Fair Royalty second and Ellen Samuelson, contestant for Miss Teen Idaho, taking third.
In the non-profit and organizations division Valley Livestock & More 4-H Club took first. Boy Scout Troop & Pack 638 took second and the Idaho County Republican Party was third.
In equestrian entries Kristi Kingma’s Donkey Buggy took first with Judy Uhlorn and Bobbi Tidwell’s mini-horses second and the Cottonwood Riding Club third.
The PHS band during the parade.
Kristi Kingma's donkey cart was the winning equestrian entry.
Valley Livestock had the winning organizational entry.
The Cottonwood Boy Scouts took second among organizations.
This mini-horse pulled cart was part of the second place equestrian entry.
The PHS cheerleaders during the parade.
The Lewis County Fair royalty float took second among royalty entries.
Youngsters came prepared with bags and buckets for the candy tossed by parade entrants.

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