NOSDA training session is Oct. 6
“NOSDA” is a group of caring individuals from local communities who will provide a loving humanShown is the Organizing Committee for the Clearwater Valley NOSDA Training.  From left to right are Stella Strahan, Sr. Corinne Forsman, Joe Kolar, Anita Noggle, and Wilma Rapp.  Absent from the picture is Terry Law. presence to a person who is departing this world.  This is provided in the hospitals, nursing homes and private homes for individuals who have no family members available to them or to provide respite to the family.  The goals of the workshop are to familiarize people with NOSDA so they can decide if they would like to volunteer and to train volunteers in the program procedures.
The care facility familiar with the family situation will request NOSDA
volunteers who provide the physical “hand holding” that is so necessary to the dying patient to make a smooth transition from this physical world.  Volunteers are scheduled for one 2-hour shift per day.  NOSDA volunteers can also be available to comfort someone seriously ill or injured.
A training session will be held on Saturday, October 6th, from 8:30 A.M.-3:30 P.M. in the basement of St. Catherine's Church, located on Idaho Street at 7th Street in Kamiah.  Lunch is provided.
For more information please contact Stella Strahan 935-1829.

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