Boosters celebrate 20 years
In September 1987, a group of concerned patrons of Cottonwood Joint School District #242 first met to address the concern over a nationwide decrease in funding for school districts and the affect it would have on the students attending Prairie Elementary, Middle and High School.  Current Prairie Booster Club officers from left are Loretta Riener, VP; Linda Nida, secretary; Chris Kaschmitter, president; and Marie Lerandeau, treasurer.They wanted some way to give the students and schools an opportunity to purchase items or provide additional funds in order to attend school sponsored events that may have been affected due to the decrease in funding.  Thus was born the Prairie Booster Club, a non-profit organization whose sole purpose was to lend a hand to the schools with this funding short-fall.
Since that time, the Prairie Booster Club has been an active presence at all three schools.  Our number one concern has been and always will be the students that attend Prairie Schools.  All monies generated by the Prairie Booster Club through fund-raisers, collection of dues, tailgate parties, 50/50 ticket sales, Booster Buttons, and the like, has gone back to the students of Cottonwood Jt. School District. 
Over the past twenty years, well over $250,000.00 has been put back into the schools.  We have purchased score clocks, sound systems, shop class equipment, musical instruments, chorus risers, choral attire, library books, Accelerated Reader materials, playground equipment and classroom equipment to name a few.  We also give monies to individuals/teams that attend National/State competitions, the drug free Senior party and have donated thousands of dollars toward the wrestling mat, the football announcer stand at the football field, the Missoula Childrenís Theatre and the uniform fund for all sports.  Each year we award $1250.00 in scholarships to current graduating seniors who are college bound.  Just this past school year, over $17,000.00 has been supplied to the students and schools from the Prairie Booster Club.  This letter is being sent home with all students at all the Prairie Schools to bring attention to you, the patrons, of this wonderful organization.  Because we are a K-12 organization, we are asking all families to join the Prairie Booster Club.  Yearly family dues are only $25.00; while individual memberships are only $15.00.  Wonít you please join?  Please mail your membership dues and the bottom portion of this letter to the above address.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the officers or if you would like to attend the monthly meetings, check the local paper for date and time.  
Letís make the 2007-2008 school year the best yet!  GO PIRATES!
3of the 4 original Booster Club officers are shown. From left are Linda Arnzen, first treasurer; Ted Arnzen, first vice-president, and Dave Shears, Sr., first president. Not shown is Patsy Roberts, first secretary. 

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