NICI inmate crew rebuilds sign
Last spring a windstorm destroyed the sign at the Prairie football field listing all of Prairie’s state championships. The new sign with the crew that painted and built it.
Soon after that NICI inmates took on the project of rebuilding the sign. Warden Lynn Guyer said an inmate, since released, started the painting, redoing the championships portion of the sign. Later current inmate Oscar Malacara, Jr., took over the painting and did the Pirate and the Welcome banner. 
Several inmates built the framework and mounted the new 8’x16’ sign made from four 4’x8’ sheets of plywood on Friday, Sept. 28. 
The original sign that was destroyed by the wind was installed back in the 1990’s following the 1992 girls state basketball championship. It had been built by Jerry Richardson’s woodworking classes. The 1997 championship was later added and last year the art students at Prairie had repainted it to add the 2006 state baseball championship.
The crew mounting the new sign last Friday morning.

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