Blood drive set for October 16
The fall blood drive will be Tuesday, October 16, from 12 to 6 PM in the Community Hall.   And we really are in need of a renewed interest in giving blood.   We have been falling short of our quota and we know there are many more of you who can come and donate.  How many of you have noticed our article  for the next blood drive and have said to your self, You know, I really should come, either again, or to start  giving blood.
It really is such a simple action to do and it does not take more than an hour.  Just ask some one you know who is a regular donor.   They will say that it is very easy and actually does not hurt at all!  And, most of all, you will be doing something that only you can do.  It may be used to save the life of a premature baby, or someone who is having difficulty with a surgery, or even one of your own relatives.
So if you weigh over 110 and are 17 or older, how about making an appointment with Sally Terhaar 962-3192 or Irma Tacke 962-3964 and come and join your community members who are giving the gift of life.  Be sure and eat a good lunch and drink plenty of fluids for a few days before donating.  See you there..


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