Nida, girls track team are finalists
Last Wednesday, Oct. 17, the Warrior Athletic Association held their first ever High School Awards dinner at the LCSC Activity Center.
Nicole Nida of Prairie was one of four finalist for the Female Athlete of the Year award, which was won by Ellen Rouse of Orofino.
The Prairie girls track team was also a finalist for Team of the Year honors with the Genesee Boys Basketball team winning that honor.
Prairie High School nominees that didnít make the list of 4 finalists were J.D. Riener for Male Athlete of the Year and Girls Track Coach Ryan Hasselstrom for Coach of the Year.
The Warrior Athletic Association hopes to make this an annual event.

Powderpuff game and Homecoming activity photos
Tiffany Schaeffer tackles her cousin Kara Guyer for a loss inthe Powderpuff game.
Leora Laurino tries to tackle Casandra Schaeffer.
Kaylee Uhlenkott runs along the sideline for the junior-sophomore team.
Tiffany Schaeffer runs for the game's first touchdown.
Some students in front of the bonfire after the powderpuff game last Wednesday.
The PHS band forms into a capital P during halftime of the football game on Friday.

All the candidates for Homecoming Queen and King prior to naming of the winners. From left are Jalisa Wright, Carson Heath, Sarah Arnzen, Kenneth Enneking, Taylor Rieman, Casandra Schaeffer, Christa Wilson and Nick Johnson.
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