93 donate blood
It was very wonderful to welcome 93 donors to the Blood Drive Oct 16.  Good to know that you are still here and ready to give.  We will need more next time to make our quota, so keep us in mind Jan 22.
The following donated for the first time.  Mary Lightfield, Kristen Wright, Jean Huntley, Tina Perrin, Samatha Lustig, Karon Coburn, Matt Michels, Joe Stroich and Heather Seubert.  We hope they are joined by more generous neighbors next time.  Receiving pins for four gallons were Barbara King and Ed Holthaus and Lu Crea received her gallon pin.
The place was jumping and hopping with the addition of the students from the HOSA group from the high school as volunteers.  They were Kyle Daly, Amber Frei, Katie Nuxoll, Conner Rieman, Seth Guyer, Brock Heath, Kevin Karel, Jason von Bargen, Sarah Arnzen, Kara Guyer and Danielle Cochran.
Thanks to the following for volunteering to help. Marlene Jungert, Elaine Schumacher, Helen  Huntley, Merna Gehring, Dolores von Bargen, Anna Gehring, Doris Sonnen and Sally Nuxoll.
Helping set up and tear down were Kyle Daly, Amber Frei, Katie Nuxoll, Conner Rieman, Jason von Bargen, Kevin Karel, Danielle Cochran and Urban Wassmuth.
The surprising event of the whole afternoon is that   Joe ended up giving 5 quarts!!!!  Of soup, that is!!
Hope to see you at the next drive Jan 22, 2008.  Thanks to all.

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