Summit virtue winners are named
Selected by their teachers and classmates in some instances, the following students were honored as Summit's virtue winners.Summit Academy's first 2007-2008 virtue winners.
Modeling Saint Robert Bellermine, an archbishop and cardinal who lived in the 17th century, and who was noted for being a staunch defender of
his faith despite a battle throughout his life with poor health, Summit students strived in different ways to become more charitable, the virtue chosen for the month. Classes who met their daily goal in this effort were then given the chance to supply a puzzle piece to a bulletin board puzzle; a prize given to the student who was first able to determine the message contained therein.
Starting the year as winners in this monthly contest were the following: Kindergarten - Aaron Goeckner, 1 st grade - Taylor Lustig, 2nd grade Luke Schwartz, 3rd grade - Lindsey Goeckner, 4th grade -Thomas Schwartz, 5th grade - Mary Knappert, 6th grade - Megan Rehder, 7th grade - Julia Osborne, 8th grade - Savanah Prigge, 9th grade - Jamie Chmelik, 10th grade - Tara Stubbers, 11th grade - Kim Frei, and 12th grade - Annie Osborne.
Selected as the virtue for the second period was obedience, with Saint Ignatius of Antioch selected as the saint to be modeled.

Summit team takes third place
Traveling to Clearwater Valley Monday evening, Summit Academy's high school academic teams enjoyed their best outing of the year, as one of the two teams there finished third in a tight battle for first, accumulating 320 points to finish close behind Grangeville teams with scores of 360 for first place, and 330 for second.
Summit's second team was not as successful on large venture question wagers, but still finished firmly entrenched in the middle of the eight school, 24 team event.
Putting together the third place effort: Seniors Lauren Chmelik and Lynn Rehder, junior Joseph Lustig, sophomores Josh Frei and Dylan Prigge, and freshman Vicki Schlader. Finishing with a very competitive score of
155 was the second Summit team; senior Zach Frei, juniors Kim Frei, Dustin Lustig and Chase Nuxoll, sophomore Margaret Yalbuw, and freshman Rachel Wemhoff
Next meet for the high schools in the league is at Grangeville December 3, while the junior high group meets next Monday, November 12 at Orofino.

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