Whatsoever Things Are True
by Dan Coburn
Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church
This Country is so divided on almost every major issue, that we have lost all sense of ourselves.  This is no more evident than on Veteran’s Day, when we see a chasm develop where people both who are vehemently against the war, and those who think it is a necessary evil, are afraid to pay tribute to generations of heros cause they might be confused for a “war monger”.  For the record, I’ve never talked to anyone who wants war.
Anyway, I’m going to tell you straight out what Veteran’s Day means to me. (I know some of you are experiencing accelerated heart rate and elevated blood pressure).  I would like to openly, humbly and still proudly thank every veteran, and every person now serving, for the things I am guilty of taking for granted; like taking my firearms out to my pickup, and driving anywhere I feel like to go hunting in some of the most spectacular country on earth, (our back yard).  For my being able to write this article, or stand anywhere and proclaim my faith in Jesus Christ as the only way (God Provided) to get to God. For driving to the store or to get my mail, and passing dozens of children - your children, with smiles on their faces and hopes in their hearts. None of this is a “given”, and was bought long ago at a great price.
To all of you who to what ever degree contributed to these freedoms, even if it was just by virtue of the fact that you were willing to put on the uniform and become an enemy of my enemies, I Thank You. I am Proud of you, and I am humbled.   That’s from me. Here is a quote by John Stuart Mill. “WAR IS AN UGLY THING, BUT NOT THE UGLIEST THING: THE DECAYED AND DEGRADING STATE OF MORAL AND PATRIOTIC FEELING WHICH THINKS THAT NOTHING IS WORTH A WAR IS WORSE.... A MAN WHO HAS NOTHING FOR WHICH HE IS WILLING TO FIGHT, NOTHING WHICH HE CARES ABOUT MORE THAN HIS PERSONAL SAFETY, IS A MISERABLE CREATURE WHO HAS NO CHANCE OF BEING FREE, UNLESS MADE AND KEPT SO BY THE EXERTIONS OF BETTER MEN THAN HIMSELF”.
Psalm 94:17 says: “Unless the Lord had been my help, my soul had almost dwelt in silence.”  God Bless us All.

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