Year 2007 reviewed in Chronicle headlines
This year has seen several new homes built in Cottonwood, up grades to city services and an active school program for all grades. 
We have lost some of our citizens, often at too early an age, and new members of the community have been born. 
With the increased wheat price this fall, business seems to be going well with the merchants. 
Students at Prairie High School made and presented gifts to children.
The city opened bids at January meeting for a new police vehicle.
Stan Kress retires as school superintendent for the Prairie School District. 
Nicholas E. McMillien, 26, died in a one car accident near Colfax, on Dec. 22, 2006.  He was born April 13, 1989 at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Lewiston.
Harold Schmidt, 74, died Jan, 1, 2007 at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center.  He was born Aug. 30, 1932 in Greencreek.  He was a farmer and rancher in the Greencreek area and had six children. 
Dale Rose, 81, died Dec. 30, 2006.  He was born Aug. 14 1925 at Grangeville. 
Philomena Hoene, 79, died Jan. 5, 2007.  She was born Aug 14, 1927 at Ferdinand.
Arnold J. Holthaus, 78, died Jan. 2, 2007 at St. Mary’s Hospital.  He was born April 12, 1928 in Cottonwood. 
Helen Clarice Mager, 84, died Jan. 3, 2007.  She was born July 23, 1922 at Cottonwood. 
Vern Forsmann, 83, died Jan. 1 and was born Aug. 25, 1923 in Keuterville.
Ellen E. Wassmuth, 78, died Jan. 21, 2007.  She was born April 6, 1928 in Greencreek.  She worked at St. Mary’s Hospital for 30 years. 
Rev. Simeon Van De Voord, OSB, 79, died Jan. 8, 2007 in Boise, ID.  He was born July 27, 1927 in Atkinson, Ill. 
Robert Steiger, 80, died Dec. 20, 2006 in Las Vegas, NV.  He was formerly from Ferdinand.
Jossilynne Marie Jackson was born Dec. 29, 2006 to Chris and Tina Jackson.
Lane William Kaschmitter was born to Scott and Sarah Kaschmitter of Nezperce.
Kaysie Leigh Burchell wed Daniel Jason Enneking Dec. 27, 2007 in Reno, NV.
Katie Holthaus wed Waylon Blevins Nov. 4 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. 
Andrew Riener to celebrate his 90th Birthday with a party at Oscar’s Restaurant in Grangeville, Feb. 10th. 
St. Mary’s Hospital received the Murdock Grant for $170,000. 
Pirates beat Lapwai 68-63 Thursday, Jan. 25 at Cottonwood.
Jeff and Kim Ratcliff lost their home in a fire Feb. 1 and everything inside was lost. 
Casey Danly, 5th grade, won the DAR Essay contest at Prairie Middle School.
Three students of the month were selected at Prairie High School for the month of February. They are Cassie Chandler, Tony Duman and Shayla Dalgliesh.
Hannah Joyce Schwartz, born Jan. 26th to Jared and Annmarie Schwartz of Ferdinand.
Julia Clarissa Wassmuth, born Jan. 22 to Neil and Susan Wassmuth.
Elsa Agnew, 81, died Jan. 7th in Culver City, Cal.
Steve Wayne Currin, 45, died Jan. 15 in Dallas, TX.
Leonard J. Jungert, 91, died Jan. 4 in Lewiston.
Elizabeth P. Seubert, 74, died Feb. 3 at Lewiston.
Rosemary Terhaar, 89, died Jan. 24 at Salem, Oregon.
Marjorie J. Rose, 81, died Feb. 15 at St. Mary’s Hospital in Cottonwood. 
Jim Hoene, 64, died Feb. 13 at his daughter’s home in Utah.
Ethel M. Rad, 80, died Feb. 12 in Spokane at Sacred Heart Medical Center.  She was born in Keuterville. 
An artist’s drawing of the proposed new Gem Builders Building is shown.  There is also a history of the building given. 
VFW contest winners were: Lindsay Heitman, Kayla Johnson, Alyssa Frei, Jacqueline Lustig, and Samantha Keating. 
Students of the month for March at Prairie High School were Charlene Duman and Tabitha Sonnen.
The PHS Dance team won a state trophy March 17 at the State High School Dance Competition.
Robert F. Loft, 79, died Feb. 16 at his home. 
John F. Schurbon, 73, died Feb. 27th at his home.  He was an Idaho County Commissioner. 
Henry J. Hanecak, 77, died Feb. 25 in San Antonio, TX. 
Harriet M. Harison, 77, died March 14, at St. Mary’s Hospital.
Mary Ann Mathison, 70, died March 18.
Raymond J. Remacle, 93, died March 19.
Alphonse Poxleitner, 87, died March 21. 
Fr. Leonard Forsmann, 58, was born May 28, 1949 in Nezperce, ID to Vern and Rose Ann Koepl Forsmann. 
Carl Schmidt celebrated his 80th birthday March 5.
Herman Forsmann celebrated his 102nd birthday Feb. 20.
Leah Severson of Craigmont to Aaron Hart of Nezperce to wed June 30.
Vikki Duman married Clint Riener on Nov. 11, 2006. 
The Cottonwood Volunteer Fire Department will be celebrating 100 years this year.
The Pirates had a 6-1 and 12-5 win with Troy.
The Lady Pirates had a 17-3 win with Lewis County.
The School District sought a $230,000 over ride levy.
The over ride levy was later reduced to $198,000 instead of the $230,000 first sought.
Maxine V. Tacke, 70, died March 31.
Caroline I. Frei, 92, died April 6.
Lisa Marie Rehder and Joseph Daman Ellis to wed July 15, 2005 at St. Mary’s Church in Cottonwood. 
Christel Renee Riener and Jimmy Richard Lucas, Jr. to wed June 9 at Assumption Catholic Church in Ferdinand. 
Elizabeth Marie Goeckner and Justin Lucas Nuxoll to wed May 19 at Holy Cross Catholic Church. 
Laurie Jean Schumacher and Todd Davit Tewalt to wed June 23 at St. Mark’s Catholic Church in Boise. 
Edward Scott La Londe and Tracy Roberta Hinkelman to wed July 13 at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Greencreek.
Zoee Ann Marie Rice born March 24th to Amber and Tony Rice of Clarkston, WA.
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