Holy Cross seeks funds for new roof
Long ago behind a picket fence in a little village at the base of Cottonwood Butte, stood a simple country church. Holy Cross Church at Keuterville. The first of its kind on the Camas Prairie, it attracted Catholic settlers to this place of abundance and beauty.  Those who weathered the hardships of the journey west reaped the benefits of this vast, bountiful land.  They undoubtedly had many stories to tell their children and grandchildren about their personal roles in establishing not only the structure of Holy Cross Church but also the community of Keuterville, Idaho.
These founding members of the Catholic community attended to the smallest details of their new place of worship.  Donations of a table to serve as the alter, a bell to call the people to Sunday services, and even a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary characterized their passionate desire to adorn their new church building.  Those who could not share their material possessions gave freely and with pride of their time and talents.  They were the ones who built the cross which sat on the alter during Mass and chopped wood to keep their neighbors warm on cold Keuterville mornings.  Regardless of their station in life, these hard-working pioneers gave from the generosity of their hearts for the benefit of their faith and their families.  
Since the time of these first Keuterville settlers, each generation has taken its turn in providing for the requirements of their beloved church.  Though Holy Cross ceased to function as an independent parish in the early 1990s, it has been able to rely on a wide support base for special projects.  And now, in order to preserve what has been handed down from previous generations, we are faced with the urgent need of a new roof.  Plans are set to replace the old roof as soon as funds become available.
Every community has experienced situations in which its dire needs have been met through the collaborative effort of family, friends, and neighbors.  The Holy Cross Roof Fund has already benefited from this truth through the sincerely appreciated donations of people from across the state of Idaho.  If you feel compelled to assist history in repeating itself, you may send your tax-deductible donation to:
St. Mary’s Parish
Attn: Holy Cross Roof Fund
PO Box 425
Cottonwood, Idaho 83522.
Or contact Lynn Goeckner, (208) 962-3133, to give in the old-fashioned way through time, talents, and hard work.
There are high hopes that history will repeat itself.  It was the people’s hands that built this church; perhaps you will lend a hand in preserving this church.  

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