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Gearing up for my trip this coming summer is quite the process. Monthly meetings, fundraisers, learning and doing assignments about the responsibility of being an ambassador and representing our country all adds up; but to say the least a great feeling of busyness.  So far I have attended three meetings, where at each meeting we learn more about our responsibilities and what is expected of us as student ambassadors.  Along with that we also learn important tips on packing, interacting with the locals, tolerance with language and other barriers, and the small fact of dealing with that cumbersome jet lag.  By attending these meetings it also gives me a chance to get to know the other delegates and leaders I will be traveling with, since they will become my new family during the trip.  I will be spending 24/7 with all of them, so it is nice to get a chance to get to know each one of them individually.  It is an amazing group with ages varying from 8th to 12th grade and the varying personalities that all add to the greater good of the group.  By having this opportunity it has really opened my eyes to the world and has given me the chance to meet people unlike and like myself and learn about their views and way of life, learn about other parts of the world and soon experience all Iíve learned about, and last but not least see how people can make an impact even just by a simple conversation or introduction.  This experience has been amazing so far and I plan to keep everyone updated on my progress.  I am hoping to start doing some more fundraisers, including a pie raffle.  I will have more details on the pie raffle posted soon.  I am also selling Butter Braids and Pastry Puffins if you would like any just contact me and let me know.  Thanks for all your support!
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