City passes Building Code ordinance
The Cottonwood City Council passed an ordinance adopting the 2006 International Building Code at their regular April meeting Monday, April 14.
This brings the city in line with the latest building codes.
The council also discussed complaints brought forth by several citizens as well as members of the council about the relocation of the recycling shed and the attendant numerous bags of cans to a class A zoned residential neighborhood. This is a violation of both the zoning ordinance and the solid waste ordinance and subject to a misdemeanor citation. City councilor Ron Grant will call the citizens involved and give them until April 22 to get something done. If nothing is done by that time the matter will be turned over to city attorney Joe Wright.
Police chief Terry Cochran handed out a draft copy of the county’s proposed multi-hazard mitigation plan to the council members for their input on the parts dealing with the city. Councilor Jack Duman said that a couple of areas with potential flooding problems need to be addressed. In relation to that he asked that anyone who has pictures of the flooding that developed on the north end of town in the area from Doris Kuther’s home to the city park and the fairgrounds, could you please share them with him. They can be used to help get some aid money to fix the problem.
The other major area of concern he had as to flooding is Cottonwood Creek and downtown Cottonwood.
Water commissioner Jay Hinterlong reported the city pumped over 2.6 million gallons of water in March. He had no data to determine leakage due to the number of meters that weren’t able to be read because they were buried under snow.
He reported all the water testing results for quality have been coming back good.
In the sewer report public works supervisor Roy Uhlenkott reported that they are cleaning some problems areas and running a camera through the lines to help develop a sewer project.
In the street report Jack Duman reported that they didn’t qualify on the grant applications for Safe Roads to School and Lewiston Street. The Safe Roads to School grant people wanted more emphasis on education dollars while the Lewiston Street grant qualified at 5th highest on the list but the money available was used up by the top two qualifiers.
The sidewalk grant is still on hold as they are waiting to see if those grants will be funded.
The city backhoe was discussed. Apparently what they thought was a 4-year warranty turned out to be only for 3 years. Mayor Denis Duman asked if you can get an extended warranty like for a car. Jack Duman said he will look into it and come back with a cost if it is possible. That would give them a couple more years to build up their backhoe reserve fund.
Jack Duman said they would also be holding a meeting on Tuesday, April 15, to discuss the storm drainage problems and possible solutions in the Trestle Addition.
Shelli Schumacher reported she is working on ideas to redo the community hall. They are looking at the possibility of handicap access ramps to the library. The Horizons group is also working on this.
She said that Cottonwood is now a “Tree City USA” and the signs will be arriving soon.
Mayor Duman said he is looking at May 16 for an open house for the new public works building and remodeled fire station.
In the fire department report, Grant said there were no fires in the past month. He said they have had a couple of training sessions for firemen. One at Orofino and one coming up at Coeur d’Alene. 
They will also have a training session at the Ratcliff house on Monday, April 21.
Cochran reported there will be a hazmat drill on April 26.
In other business an airport hangar lease was approved for Tom Schroeder. 
The Cottonwood Youth Sports lease of the ballfields was discussed. Apparently the deadline has passed for them to exercise their option. The contract they signed last year stated they need to contact the city by March 1 if they intended to renew. City attorney Joe Wright said that by missing their option deadline they’ll essentially have to sign a whole new contract. Schumacher said she would contact Scot Schlader to see what’s going on.
Jack Duman reported there will be temporary mag chloride storage on the railroad property in the old railroad right-of-way. The West Camas Transportation group’s permanent storage site won’t be set up until next year.
The council adjourned to an executive session at 8:50 p.m.
The next regular meeting of the council is set for Monday, May 12 at 7 p.m.

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