Republican Central Committee meets
The meeting of the Idaho County Republican Central Committee was held April 15, at the Super Eight Meeting Room.  Under old business, Skip Brandt, James Rockwell, and Mark Green reported on the education committee meeting with the Grangeville school board.  They listened for many hours and then asked a lot of good questions which they hope will have an impact on the school board when they request a levy.  Lot Smith congratulated them on a job well done.
James Zehner reported that the Idaho County Republican website has the minutes on it now.
A plaque was given to Shorty and Marge Arnzen for their work with the Republican Party.
Candidates who are on the ballot for the primary election were asked to speak.  Those attending were Representative Paul Shepherd, who gave a rundown of what he has accomplished in the Legislature in the last two years.  Paul is unopposed in the primary. Idaho County Commissioner Skip Brandt, who is also unopposed in the primary, gave a rally about taking back the Idaho county commission and keeping our Republican legislators.   James Rockwell, who is running for County Commissioner, spoke about his past experiences and offered some good ideas for a better commission.  Dorothy Walker is opposing him in the primary.  The two Republican candidates for Sheriff are Larry Dasenbrock and Doug Giddings.  They were both there to talk about their ideas for the job.  Larry would like to see the office run smoothly with more communication between everyone working for him.  Doug, who is a deputy, is a people person who would have more friendly contacts with the public to make better public relations.
Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm.  The next meeting will be Tuesday May 20, 7:00pm at the Super Eight Meeting Room.  June 3 will be the organizational meeting after the primary.
Secretary, Donna Wassmuth


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