Summit releases honor roll
Four high school students led the way third quarter, as honor roll data released this week by Summit Academy lists four perfect, 4.00 point, straight A students.
Seniors Lauren Chmelik, Summit's valedictorian, and Annie Osborne, Salutatorian, were joined by sophomore Margaret Yalbuw and freshman Rachel Wemhoff in earning the 4.00 status, and were joined by eight other Summit students to be named to the school roll. 
Juniors Kim Frei with 3.97 and Joseph Lustig with 3.91 along with sophomores Josh Frei - 3.89, and Dylan Prigge - 3.91, earned high honors with their grade point at 3.75 or higher, while honor status was achieved by senior Lynn Rehder, juniors Michael Hattrup and Dustin Lustig, and sophomore Tara Stubbers with grade averages between 3.50 and 3.74.
At the elementary level, honor roll status was earned by the following students, all of whom had grade averages of 92% or better:
8th grade: Nicole Frei, Derek Nuxoll, Savanah Prigge, Courtney Schwartz, and Rachel Uhlenkott. 
7th grade: Tanna Schlader.
6th grade: Sarah Chmelik, Megan Rehder, Matthew Schwartz, and Nicole Wemhoff.
5th grade: Megan Seubert.
3rd grade: Bridget Beckman and Tyson Schlader.
Perfect attendance awards were received for the quarter by the following:
High school: seniors Lauren Chmelik, Zach Frei, Annie Osborne, and Lynn Rehder, juniors Michael Hattrup and Dustin Lustig, sophomores Josh Frei, Dylan Prigge, Jennifer Wemhoff, and Margaret Yalbuw, and frosh Jamie Chmelik, Vicki Schlader, and Rachel Wemhoff.
Elementary school students will be given at a later date.

Summit play set for May 1-3
Summit Academy will be showing Curious Savage this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  All shows at 7 p.m.  Saturday there will be a 2 p.m. matinee along with the 7 p.m. show.  All shows at Summit Academy.A scene from reshearsal for Curious Savage. See main page for identifications.
In the Curious Savage Mrs. Savage, played by Lynn Rehder, has been left ten million dollars by her deceased husband.  She takes the money, turns it into bonds that cannot be traced, and hides them.  Her greedy, grown up stepchildren think she is crazy so they bring her to a mental institute.  Here the drama unfolds as the hunt for the money continues on stage.  In the end, all learn what it means to truly live and the value of contentment and virtue.  

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