Summit virtue winners name
Summit Academy's most recent virtue campaign ended this past month, and winners of the JOY campaign were named this week by school officials.
Selected by their teachers and in some cases with input from their peers,
the 14 students named were judged the best examples of a virtue modeled very inspirationally by two female martyrs in the early church. Saints Perpetua and Felicity, both mothers, and one the servant of the other, held steadfast to their faith withstanding demands that they give in, and went to their martydom singing and joyfully conversing with each other and guards in their prison. This cheerful attitude while looking a painful death in the face proved to be an inspiration to those around them at the time, and to readers of their lives ever since.
Students selected for the honor, from the youngest to the oldest: Andrew Schlader, Theresa Wemhoff, John Paul Knappert, Chris Osborne, Bridget Beckman, Justin Schumacher, Josh Lustig, Rachel Frei, Brooke Schumaker, Courtney Schwartz, David Johnson, Margaret Yalbuw, Dustin Lustig, and Annie Osborne.
The eighth and second last of the virtue campaigns will be winding down in the next few days, and has held before students the virtue of constancy, always being faithful to duties and tasks assigned and to be completed. Model for this virtue is Saint Benedict Joseph whose consistency in life earned him his sainthood title.

Virtue winners at Summit Academy are shown. Back from left ate John Paul Kneppert, Courtney Schwartz, Margaret Yalbuw, David Johnson, Dustin Lustig, Annie Osborne and Brooke Schumacher. Front from left are Theresa Wemhoff, Andrew Schlader, Bridget Beckman, Justin Schumacher, Chris Osborne, Rachel Frei and Josh Lustig. 

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