91 units donated
Hey, it was so gratifying to welcome each and everyone of you who came to our blood drive last Tuesday. There were 104 donors who came to donate and we had 91 good units. The Red Cross really thanks each and everyone of you for making the effort to come.
We awarded many gallon pins.  Jerry Wren has given 8 gallons. Joe Forsmann received a pin for 6 gallons and his brother Ken, for 5 gallons. Judy Uhlorn and Sally Rehder have both given 4 gallons.   Kathy Seubert gave 2 gallons and Tami Quick 1 gallon.  Virgil Frei was given a gallon pin as per the Red cross records but we all know it should be more.    Sr Judith Brower is working on her 13th gallon and who knows how many Lee Rehder has given!
One of our first timers is Charity Langford.  It is always very exciting when newcomers to the region just come right in.   We say thanks to Gary and Stacie Milliman and Katherine Reuter for coming to our blood drive because they have always given where they lived before.
Thank you to our volunteers: Marlene Jungert, Elaine Schumacher, Jane Hoene, Merna Gehring, Carol Lauer, Helen Huntley, Connie Uhlenkott, Audrey von Bargen, Dolores von Bargen and Anna Schmidt.   Helping set up and tear down were: J.D. Lauer, Don and Mark Tacke, Curt and Andy Terhaar and Urban Wassmuth.   Couldn’t do it without you.
Again, pat yourselves on the back for the successful drive.  Bring your friends and visit us again for a “fun afternoon” at the Blood Drive this July 22.

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