Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:
Dear Editor:
Does anyone still believe we have a national free press in America?  While I believe the national media can be counted on to provide daily a myriad of proof indicators that we don't, I'll cite just one current, glaring example, which is this:
Out of the total number of Republican candidates making a bid for the U.S. Presidency this election season, two remain.  That's right, two:  John McCain and Dr. Ron Paul.
Watching TV news and reading the major print media, however, one would never know this.  Since about mid-February, all we have heard about on the GOP side is "John McCain, the presumed Republican nominee."
That may sound reasonable (as far as it goes, anyway), considering that it does take just under 1200 pledged delegates to capture the Republican nomination, and it is said that Mr. McCain has more than 1200.  Come the September Convention, we may find that tally debatable, but that is not my main point here.  Whether or not America has a truly free and fair national press, is!
We can think back to just a few months ago and recall that it was mostly candidates Guiliani and Romney and then Huckabee whom we saw front and center on the TV; John McCain's campaign, in contrast, seemed to be going nowhere at that time.  But quite surprisingly, following Super Tuesday the three most favored candidates one by one dropped off.  And suddenly - Voila!  Almost like magic, the McCain candidacy came alive and took off (!) while the media further sidelined and all but totally ignored the candidacy of Dr. Ron Paul.
Nevertheless, I write to tell my fellow Idaho Republican voters:  You do have a choice - a marvelous choice, in fact!  Let's not let it slip away, for far more than She even knows, America needs Ron Paul........desperately!
Thank You.
Carol Asher
Kamiah, Idaho

Letter to the editor
After reading board member Harold Gotts support letter, for the Mountain View School District, and talking to members of the Idaho County Republican Central committee, I found myself believing that the district made a sincere effort to meet its obligation to the school and the districts patrons. I believe the school board has a monumental task to balance the budget and make it case with the voters. I do not envy the task before the school board. The effort of all those involved should be applauded and garner your support in voting yes.
I also believe the incoming board and the new administration should continue to develop concrete ideas for the future viability and patron support of the school district. This kind of long term strategic planning will only serve to build trust within the community and demonstrate a true vision and leadership.
 Thank You,
 Jim Chmelik

Letter to the Editor
We wish to thank Cindy Wilson and family for many years of dedicated service to the community of Cottonwood through their volunteer leadership and hard work in running the Prairie Community Library recycling program.  Through their efforts not only did the Library receive countless dollars but Cindy made it possible for we Cottonwood residents and businesses to have a convenient outlet for our recyclable cans, cardboard, plastics, metals, etc.  It is unfortunate indeed that Walco has discontinued taking part in this community service endeavor.  Cindy, Emmett and Wilson children, we thank you for doing your part for so many years. 
Frances Conklin & Dennis Sullivan
Dog Bark Park 

To the Editor
The Idaho Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) endorses Justice Joel Horton for his re-election for the Idaho Supreme Court.  Justice Horton has a solid record of being tough on crime, dating back to his days as a Deputy Ada County Prosecutor.  Justice Horton is fair, honest and posses a thorough knowledge of Constitutional and Idaho law and procedure.  The FOP believes he is the best choice for this position. 
The Idaho Fraternal Order of Police is the largest police organization in the State of Idaho.  The FOP represents mostly line level officers who are out fighting crime on a daily basis but its members also include officers from all ranks and specialty assignments, including some sheriffs and chiefs. 
Joel Teuber
Legislative Chairman
Fraternal Order of Police, Idaho

For Your Information
Did you know that James Rockwell’s opponent is part of Walco Sanitation.  Did you know that James Rockwell’s opponent is related to the Idaho County Sheriff.
This will mean, if she is elected Idaho County Commissioner, she can not participate with any issues involving the Sheriff Office or Walco Sanitation.  We need all 3 commissioners to participate in decisions concerning Idaho County.
I feel, James Rockwell will do a great job for Idaho County. 
Leota Fischer 

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522



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