Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:
Letter to the editor
 This coming Tuesday I encourage you to vote for James Rockwell for Idaho County Commissioner. James is a husband, father of five, a respected businessman, and lifelong resident of Grangeville, he has a vested interest in our community.  His current involvement in working with the Mountain View school district to insure a responsible balance between school funding and patron support demonstrates his desire to get involved and seek real solutions to the tough challenges facing our area. James Rockwellís experience and problem solving attitude will be a welcomed addition to the commission.
 Thank You, 
Jim  Chmelik

To the Citizens of Idaho County:
One of the biggest accounts that Idaho County has is for garbage disposal.  This contract has been awarded to Walco ever since Idaho County has had a garbage disposal system without having to bid for this contract.  Hardly a meeting of the Commissionerís goes by that they do not have a discussion with Walco. 
We have one candidate who is running for Idaho County Commissioner who has very close connections with Walco and is the sister of the present Idaho County Sheriff, this candidates name is Dorothy Walker.  However we do have a candidate, James Rockwell, who is running for this position who would be unbiased and be very capable of handling our county business. 
Vote May 27
Shorty Arnzen 

To the Editor,
Carl Schmidt should be proud of the picture he put in the paper last week for with the help of fellow seniors Ed Schumacher and Everett Sonnen and Father Phelan and some help from us five junior boys, basketball started at Greencreek. They got permission to use the hall, built the backboards and installed them, painted the floor stripes, barred the windows and got a book on how to play basketball with rules. Carlís parents died when he was very young but he bought our uniforms and we were ready to play, asking other schools to come.
At the time the terrible war was going on. Gas, tires, shoes, sugar and maybe more things were rationed and there was very little entertainment and so people came to watch. They stood a couple deep along the walls and if you needed to take the ball out of bounds, they would have to move aside.
Here we played teams who had played for years and we less than two months with no coaching and some of us had never even seen a basketball game. When we played our first games the referee would call us for traveling, which we didnít know much about, but learned quickly. The only advantage we had over the teams that came was having a low ceiling, for all of their longer shots bounced off the ceiling.
But what a lot of fun we had, meeting kids from other schools and having something to do.
The next year we joined the league but we had no coach as Father Phelan left. Clark Hinkelman had graduated from Greencreek High School four years earlier and went to the U of I where he played some football. One noon hour us five senior boys went out to ask him to coach us, without any money even mentioned (and I donít know if he ever got any). And so we got a very caring coach who loved us more than any team he ever had Ė Ha!
The next year we five started town team basketball and some of the men who came home from the terrible war, which was over by then, joined us and we taught them how to play basketball and loved every minute of it. What fun we had playing with them.
I know Carl, you, Ed and Everett were drafted shortly after you graduated from school and didnít for two years see all the pleasure that you started for all the boys, our school, our community and even the kids from other schools for we got to know them.
And so Carl, you Everett, (Ed and Father Phelan, may God rest their souls) be proud of what you did for all of us. It probably kept lots of boys from getting into trouble and giving them something to look forward to, for they sure did.
Thank you guys.
Bart Nuxoll

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522



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