School Board meets
The school board held their May meeting Monday, May 19 and decided to go with a trade-in option on a new bus.
Harlow Bus Sales basically offered them $13,500 in trade-in value on the two old buses bringing the net cost of a new bus down to $59,160.
Western Mountain Bus Sales had a lower bid price for the new bus but was only going to give $3,000 total in trade-in.
The best offers they received on selling the two older buses was about $8,000.
The board also okayed several new hires. John Eynan was hired as the new music/band teacher. Denise Uhlenkott was hired as C team volleyball coach with Marlene Forsmann moved to the JV position.
Also Natalie Wimer was approved for hire as Cheer/Dance coach. Superintendent Gary Blaz said he felt it was in the best interest of the programs to combine them.
Resignations accepted were from Vikki Riener as junior high knowledge bowl adviser; Jeff Martin from volleyball and Andrea Brannan from junior high track.
Some staffing changes were discussed. Blaz said the 17 member incoming 1st grade class is going to be felt down the road as they move up through the grades. As superintendent he said he’d like to have one Kindergarten, one 1st grade, one 2nd grade plus and aide and two 3rd grade and two 4th grade teachers. As a principal he feels it’s better to hire another 2nd grade teacher as that would be best for the children. With Mrs. Gilbert on leave of absence they have it in the budget to hire another teacher.
The board members all agreed to go with the option of hiring another second grade teacher.
Blaz had discussed these options with many of the parents and several were in attendance at the meeting.
Rene’ Forsmann said there’s going to be some movement in the Middle School with Andrea Brannan moving to fifth grade and Becky Higgins to sixth.
They’ve also decided to move earth science from the high school to the junior high level and physical science to the high school.
Todd Shumway said they plan to offer some home economics classes next year and will put dance/cheer into a second period class to give those students more options after school. They will be offering several more tech classes including computer repair, webpage design and digital photography.
The teacher negotiations were ratified with some minor changes.
In conjunction with that, teacher contracts were offered.
Regarding the middle school roof problems, Bill Hill looked at it with Rusty Lorentz and determined that the roof itself looks good, it’s the edges that are the problem. Lorentz’ bid to foam and spray roof silicone over all endwall flashings on the school, around the gym and cafeteria, replace 4 pieces of tin on the music room, and silicone the ride on 7th and 8th grade classrooms was given the go-ahead. Cost estimate is $9685.
Blaz said once that work is done they will need to call for bids for some gutter repairs.
In administrative reports Forsmann reported that there was a good turnout at the NICI appreciation picnic and great comments from those attending.
The Middle School Concert was well attended and this time at least the power outage waited until after it was over.
This past Friday 6th graders went on a field trip to Winchester Lake and 4th grade students were at the Middle School for an orientation.
On May 17 the band students attended Music In the Park. A grant from Wells Fargo and cookie and candy sales and concession monies helped pay for the trip. The band group received an excellent rating and received a trophy for their performance and also received the overall trophy given out by organizers for the group that was overall most respectful, best behaved and courteous.
On May 19 the 8th graders went to the high school to listen to student body campaign speeches and voted for officers.
Forsmann also handed out a letter they would like to send out to parents to get the drug and alcohol free program going in the junior high. Hope is that starting it earlier will continue better through the high school level.
Shumway said he sent Jerry Richardson and Ryan Hasselstrom on a field trip to Militec to observe what they might be able to do in the classroom for startup training or an intern program for such a business.
He reported the 8th graders will be at the high school for the full day on June 5 to help get them acclimated to the high school.
The awards assembly is set for May 28 with road cleanup and lunch and games at the softball fields to follow.
Blaz reported they elementary school had Smokey the Bear in to do a presentation to the 2nd grade.
He said the science fair/book fair/Center For Discovery taco feed was very well attended.
He also reported that students are collecting money for the Bethany Place of Safety Orphanage in South Africa. Teacher Joan Riggers daughter works there and the Orphanage was started by Cottonwood native Sr. Mary Paule Tacke.
Idaho County Light & Power did an electrical safety presentation and the fourth grade had a field trip to Spaulding Historical Park.
The volunteer luncheon was set for Tuesday, May 20. 
The 4th grade history bee will be here Wednesday, May 21.
The Elementary School will have a roller skating day on June 4.
In his superintendent’s report he said he is interviewing applicants for the lawn care position, 
He is also still working on the heating system assessments.
The board adjourned to an executive session at 8:25 p.m.
The next regular meeting of the board will be Monday, June 16 at 7 p.m.

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