Over $300,000 in scholarships earned by class of 2008
Thirty members of the class of 2008 at Prairie High School received their diplomas in commencement exercises last Friday, May 30 at the PHS gym.
Salutatorians Alex Richardson and Ariel Whitley each gave their salutatory addresses while valedictorian Jessica Gehring gave a valedictory address. In between co-salutatorian Tiffany Schaeffer and co-valedictorian Sarah Arnzen gave their address together since they decided if they’d given separate speeches they’d have both said the same thing anyway.
Following the student speeches several members of the class showed off their musical talents. Calista Karel sang Paul Simon’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Next were Taylor Rieman, Zach Simmons and Alex Flatt, also known as “Nug.” They performed their own composition of “Why?” which was dedicated to Thomas Nau, a member of the class who was killed in a car accident as a freshman.
Ariel Whitley followed with a horn solo of “Old Friends” by Les Aldrich with backing by the PHS band.
Patty Hinkelman gave the commencement address. She was also the commencement speaker several years ago.
Awards were given with the valedictorians and salutatorians receiving medals while those graduation with high honors and with honors also received awards.
Of note, Gina Holthaus should’ve been included among those graduating with honors. In the information provided to the Chronicle for last week’s graduation salute her name was omitted from that section.
Several local scholarships were announced. In all this class has been awarded well over $300,000 in scholarships with Ariel Whitley accounting for over half of that total.
Following is a listing of scholarships that PHS is aware of listed by individual:
Sarah Arnzen – WSU Cougar Academic Award, $31,000; WSU Science Opportunity Award, $1500; Idaho School Board Association, $300.
Chantel Boniecki – Drug Free Scholarship, $250; Cliff Holthaus Memorial, $200; John Kernan Memorial sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, $340.
Kenneth Enneking – Carl Gibbs Memorial, $100; Vocational Scholarship.
Jessica Gehring – Mary Hall Niccols, $1000; Presidential Scholars, $3000; State of Idaho Robert R. Lee, $500; State of Idaho/Byrd, $1500; UI Achievement, $1500; UI Leadership, $1000; Idaho School Board Association, $500; Citizenship Medal and Lions Club Scholarship, $250.
Carson Heath – Thomas Nau Memorial, $800; Cliff Holthaus Memorial, $200; Soroptimists, $1000; Citizenship Medal and Lions Club Scholarship, $250.
Allison Holthaus – Thomas Nau Memorial, $800; LCSC Provost, $500; LCSC Idaho Promise, $500; Prairie Education Association, Debbie Fowlds Memorial.
Brooke Holthaus – Idaho Attorney General, $750; BSU Robert R. Lee Promise $1200.
Gina Holthaus – LCSC Provost, $500; LCSC Idaho Promise, $500.; Sr. Maryclare & Sr. Stephanie Scholarship
Nick Johnson – Jacob Riener Memorial, $500; Vocational Scholarship
Calista Karel – Alumni Association, $100; State of Idaho Robert R. Lee Promise, $500; Drug Free, $100; Prairie Education Association, Debbie Fowlds Memorial; Travis Uhlenkott Memorial, $500; Girl Scouts, $750.
Kayla Lorentz – Drug Free, $250; Idaho County Royalty, $300; Inland Title Company, $500.
Abbigail Lustig – Americorps, $2362.
Jon Rice – Vocational Scholarship
Alex Richardson – LCSC Presidential, $1000; LCSC Idaho Promise, $600; LCSC Freshmen, $500; State of Idaho Robert R. Lee Promise, $500; UI Achievement, $1000; UI Leadership, $1000; Ron Wemhoff Memorial, $1000; But Lute Memorial, $200; Cliff Holthaus Memorial, $200; Maurice Shinn Memorial Booster Club Scholarship, $250; Prairie Education Association, Debbie Fowlds Memorial.
Casandra Schaeffer – Americorps, $2362; Idaho County Fair Royalty Queen, $400.
Kim Schaeffer – UI Presidential Scholar, $1000; UI Idaho Promise, $1000; UI Freshmen, $500.
Tiffany Schaeffer – UI Mary Hall Niccols, $1000; UI State of Idaho Robert R. Lee Promise, $500; UI Achievement, $1000; UI LEAP Program, $250; Gonzaga Univ. Regent, $40,000; Elsie Kinzer Memorial, $200; Kantola-Morgan, $250; Sr. Maryclare & Sr. Stephanie Scholarship.
Jenifer VonBargen – Albertson Foundation Early Childhood/Special Ed Blended, $3,000; CALS Visitation, $250, State of Idaho Robert R. Lee Promise, $500.
Ariel Whitley – National Merit Scholarship, $50,000; Tusculum Presidential, $44,000; Langroise Distinguished Scholars, $40,000; Laura Moore Cunningham, $12,000; UI Presidential, $12,000; Go Idaho, $6,000; Capital Scholars, $5,000; Robert R. Lee Promise, $1000.
Christa Wilson – Counselor Leadership, $250; Provost, $500; Idaho Promise, $500.
Sarah Arnzen and Tiffany Schaeffer gave their speeches together.
Co-Valedictorian Jessica Gehring
Co-salutatorian Alex Richardson.
Co-salutatorian Ariel Whitley.
Commencement speaker Patty Hinkelman.
Calista Karel sang Bridge over Troubled Water.
Ariel Whitley played a horn solo with backing from the PHS band.
Nug performed a tribute to classmate Thomas Nau who died in a car accident several years ago. Members from left are Taylor Rieman, Alex Flatt and Zach Simmons (mortarboard behind crowd.)
Valedictorians Sarah Arnzen and Jessica Gehring lead the class on to the stage.
Not every grad hugs the school board member handing them their diploma but when it's also your mother . . . Della and Jessica Gehring.
Patty Hinkelman hugs a grad after the ceremonies.
Group Hug! Two classmates hug Brooke Holthaus.

The Chronicle photographer took a photo of every graduate receiving their diploma similar to this one of Sarah Arnzen.If interested in a print or email download of your graduate contact us at editor@cottonwoodchronicle.com. This photo has been trimmed and resized. Orginal size of the photos are over 3 megabytes or approximatley 11.5 inches wide by 7.7 inches tall at 300 dots per inch. 

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