Garbage rate increase sought
Butch Walker and Marietta Holman of Walco, Inc. were at the June meeting of the Cottonwood City Council seeking an increase in sanitation rates for the upcoming fiscal year.
Citing the skyrocketing costs of fuel, which drives the costs of everything they do, they are seeking a $2.40 per cart increase.
In discussion councilor Jack Duman asked approximately what percentage of their costs are fuel. Holman said it has to be at least half if not more.
Jay Hinterlong thought maybe they should have to take a little less profit rather than always passing it along to the customers. Holman responded that they have been eating the extra cost of fuel already and wouldnít see any of the funds from the increase until November. The request sought is based on a best guess projection of what fuel prices are going to do in the coming year. She noted it has gone up $1.90 since last year at this time.
Mayor Denis Duman told them they would take it up in their budgeting process.
Jerry Richardson appeared with a concern about a sewer main that runs through his property. He apparently was doing some digging for some landscaping and wound up damaging the line, which he has since fixed. Mayor Duman said it is the cityís responsibility to make it right and their likely solution is to move the line over a couple feet into the alley where it should have been in the first place. Theyíll likely have to contact other property owners and take care of moving the whole line rather than just jog it over past Richardsonís property.
An ordinance was read for the first time dealing with ATVís and UTVís on city streets. The entire text of the ordinance will appear in next weekís Chronicle along with a notice for a public hearing likely to be held prior to the July council meeting.
In essence the ordinance would allow ATVís and UTVís on city streets only as long as they are licensed, insured and have the proper lights and mirrors. Licensing would be whatever is required of the particular vehicle by the state whether it be a plate or a sticker. Currently there is no city code addressing the issue and state code regarding UTVís is somewhat ambiguous.
A conditional use permit for Emmett and Cindy Wilson to pasture horses on a lot they own in a class A zone near the trailer court was discussed. The council directed city attorney Joe Wright to draw one up with conditions to mirror whatís allowed in class B zones and also require fence be kept in good repair and limit it to grazing season.
Joe Didierís RV park came under discussion. According to city code, a permit is required as well as certain conditions. Mayor Duman said they need to talk to Didier to get things going to bring things in line with city code. 
A resolution was read and passed which allows the city to recover costs for all variances, permits, etc. from the parties requesting such items.
In correspondence Mayor Duman presented a letter from Clearwater Economic Development Association (CEDA) asking for continued support in the North Central Idaho Telecommunications Consortium. Duman said he is seeing positive results from this and recommends the city continue their support of $1000. The council passed a motion to continue support.
In reports Hinterlong said they pumped 3.2 million gallons of water and sold 2.7 million for a loss of 15.6%. A lot of that is due to same major leaks that were fixed on Smith St. between King and Lewiston. A lot more was used during the training fire by the fire department this past weekend.
He said they are also collecting information on repairing some valves.
There wasnít much to report in the sewer department. Ron Grant said they are getting things ready for irrigation season.
In the street report Jack Duman said the mag chloride is 80-90% done although there are some streets that they will be doing over. He said the next emphasis is potholes. They will try to keep them at last filled with gravel until the rain lets up and they can repair them.
In the land and buildings report Shelli Schumacher said theyíll be advertising for the architect for the proposed hall renovation. She said there has also been some new city park playground equipment ordered.
In the fire department report Grant said there were no city fires in the past month and 3 rural responses. Two were power pole fires and the other was a hazmat spill on highway 7. They also had a training fire on the Ratcliff house that went very well and was great training for the newer fire crew members. Grant said all went well until they had the fire going to where it couldnít be put out in any kind of hurry and thatís when the wind changed. 
In the planning and zoning report Schumacher said they discussed the Wilsonís permit request and also discussed John Magerís request to get his property description in line with actuality. This was tabled again as they are still awaiting direction from the Idaho Dept. of Transportation.
The council adjourned to an executive session at 9:05 p.m.
The next regular meeting will be Monday, July 14 at 7 p.m.

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