Summit Students Clean Highway
Six members of Summit Academy’s high school ranks took time off during their summer break to clean the ditches and banks of the two-mile stretch between Cottonwood and Ferdinand last week on June 18. 
Rain and wet conditions kept the school from their annual cleanup during the month of May, so the students spent two hours of their vacation time during a warm and sunny day, filling 24 bags of debris in the process.  Pizza and pop were shared after the session of this annual affair. 
Students making the effort were Zach Frei, Dustin and Joseph Lustig, Josh Frei, Margaret Yalbuw, and Josh Schlader. 

Summit Academy’s highway cleanup crew from left are Josh Schlader, Joseph Lustig, Margaret Yalbuw, Dustin Lustig, Zach Frei and Josh Frei. 

Summit High School Honor Roll
Summit Academy 4th quarter honor roll and perfect attendance statistics were released this week, showing seven high school students with perfect 4.0 averages for the summer. 
Achieving the straight A were seniors Lauren Chmelik, 2008 valedictorian, and Annie Osborne, class salutatorian.  From the 11th grade, 4.0 status was earned by Kim Frei, while three sophomores achieved the distinction: Dylan Prigge, Tara Stubbers, and Margaret Yalbuw.  Frosh Rachel Wemhoff also earned a 4.0 for the quarter. 
One student only, junior Joseph Lustig earned high honor status, requiring a grade point of 3.75 or better, Joseph with a 3.77, while three others earned honor roll status with a grade average between 3.5 and 3.74.  Those students were senior Lynn Rehder, and juniors Michael Hattrup and Dustin Lustig. 
Grade school honor roll and attendance records will be furnished next week!
High school students achieving perfect attendance status for the quarter were Lynn Rehder, Zach Frei, Jennifer and Rachel Wemhoff. 

Summit K-8 4th Quarter perfect attendance and honor roll
Following is a listing of the Summit Elementary School perfect attendance and honor roll for the 4th quarter of the 2007-08 school year.
Kindergarten Perfect Attendance: Nicholas Beckman, Erin Chmelik, Aaron Goeckner, Jessie Sonnen, David Wassmuth
1st/2nd Perfect Attendance:  John Paul Knappert, Angela Wemhoff, Mary Kuther, Therese Wemhoff, Kayla Rehder , Luke Schwartz
3rd/4th Perfect Attendance: Patrick Chmelik, Lucas Wemhoff, Lance Goeckner, Therese Knappert, Justin Schumacher, Thomas Schwartz, 
3rd/4th Honor Roll: Bridget Beckman, Lindsey Goeckner, Tyson Schlader
5th/6th Perfect Attendance: Nathan Beckman, Nicole Wemhoff, Sarah Chmelik, Megan Rehder, Matthew Schwartz, Kayla Schumacher, Rose Mary Trautman
5th/6th Honor Roll:  Megan Seubert, Matthew Schwartz, Sarah Chmelik, Rachael Frei, Nicole Wemhoff
7th/8th Perfect Attendance:  Brook Schumacher, Cassidy Stubbers, Shane Stubbers, Dan Wemhoff, Savannah Kuther, Courtney Schwartz, Shawn Seubert, Tanna Schlader 
7th/8th Honor Roll:  Tanna Schlader, Rachel Uhlenkott, Nicole Frei, Derek Nuxoll, Savanah Prigge

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