Higher fine effective for school zone speeding
The Idaho Transportation Department reminds drivers that violating a speed limit in a school zone will cost at least $116.50 as of July 1, 2008.
Idaho lawmakers set a $75 minimum fine for speeding violations in school zones earlier this year. Court costs will add $41.50 to each citation. Previously, the state had no minimum fine.
"Even though it is summer vacation for many children, there are year-round schools underway in Idaho," said Josephine O'Connor, ITD Safe Routes to School coordinator.
In addition to the $75 minimum fine, local governments can make speeding penalties even higher for school zones within their jurisdictions. 
Unless otherwise posted, school zone speed limits do not apply on non-school days. School zone speed limit signs indicate the school zone, the reduced speed limit and one of the following:
- Hours of the day when the speed limit is in effect, 
- That the speed limit is in effect when an electrical or mechanical signal indicates it,
- Or, that the speed limit is in effect at all times on school days.

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