Class reunions set for Saturday
The St. Joseph's School 8th grade class of 1964 are having a 44th and the Prairie High School class of 1968 are having their 40th class reunion on this Sat. July 19 at 10 am with a day of visiting and “catching up” at the Cottonwood City Park. 
All of both groups are invited to come spend the afternoon with these old friends if you would like.  Please bring a dish for the potluck and BYOB.  Here is a list of the students of the classes:  Eric Arnzen, Doug Behler, Linda Currin, Agnes Dasenbrock Forsman Hill, Cleo Duman, Patsy Entrup Hardin, Linda Frei Cooper, Donna Funke Frei, Marlena Hagele Spray, Randy Harman, Duffy Hattrup, Jim Henry, Cathy Hoene Morton, Dennis Hoene, Connie Holthaus Lucas, Dick Louis Hottinger, Norma Hudgins Starkweather, Jackie Kilwein McCreery, Eloise Kopczynski Rademacher, Debbie Kopczynski Stubbers, Norman Meyers, Jim Rehder, Dick Riener, Judy Ross Klapprich Uhlenkott, Carole Ruhoff Thaxton, David Schaff, Patsy Schmidt Fealko, Gary Schmidt, Merle Simpson Johnson, Bill Schnider, Wayne Schnider, David Seubert, Judy Seubert Arnzen,  Ronnie Seubert, Sharon Seubert Eckert, Carla Sotin Gallegos,  Vicki Seubert Wimer, Nancy Staab Smith, Susan Uhlenkott Burke, Janice Uhling Latimer, Linda Wimer Dasenbrock, Marvin Wimer, and Alan Wimer.
Remember if you would like to visit with any of the good ole boys and girls come on down to the Park afternoon on Saturday.  Some of them may not make it, but some of them will.  See ya then.


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