Volunteer ombudsmen needed
Sixty Percent of residents in long-term care facilities do not have anyone to visit them.  Help bring the Grangeville and Cottonwood community to the residents in long-term care by becoming a volunteer Ombudsman.
Volunteer Ombudsmen have many roles in the facility.  They serve as a friendly visitor, an advocate for residentsí rights, an educator of those rights, a mediator in case the rights are in question, and serve as a broker to connect the residents to other agencies who can help.
The goal of the Ombudsman recruitment program is to place a volunteer in every long-term care facility in Cottonwood and Grangeville every day.  Volunteers are asked to serve a minimum of two hours a week.   We are looking for volunteers who can commit to a year of service.
Applications for enrollment into the program are due October 1, 2008.  Upon acceptance into the program the volunteers must complete eight three-hour training sessions to become an ombudsman and will receive an Idaho State certification.  Interviews will be October 8 and 9.  The free in-service training will be October 14 - 17, 2008 in Grangeville.  Monthly update classes will be offered.
Those interested in participating can call Barbara Glodowski at (208) 791-7262 or e-mail at b.glodowski@cap4action.org .

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