Whatsoever Things Are True
by Dan Coburn
Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist  Church
When my wife and I moved to Elk City in 1977, I had already bought a log truck from my dad;  Sight un-seen. (I donít recommend this).   Although there was a pile of logging going on in those days, it was still relatively competitive. So, Dad told me to leave his name on the door for a while.  I hated this.  It was, after all,  my truck. Still, Dad knew that being a new kid, I wasnít as likely to get jobs as I would be if folks who knew and liked him thought I was just driving for him.  This was truth, but I did Not like it.  
I was riding on His shirt tails.  I was trusting in his name to carry me through.  I had never driven a truck, let alone a log truck. Owning one didnít make me a driver.  Sitting in the drivers seat didnít make me a driver. My name on the door wouldnít have made me a driver.  But I was wanting to trust in any or all of these things.   
Spiritual Switch:    Lots of folks I talk to tell me they are Christians.   One was shocked that I could ask the question.   She said ďOf course I am a Christian. Iím an American, and this is a Christian nation - isnít it?Ē   Another said he was because his parents were, and their parents were. 
Lots of folks are trusting in lots of things. Membership in a certain denomination.   Baptism, however and at what-ever point in life. The observance of certain ordinances.   Listen, Iím not preaching against these things.  I believe in membership, baptism and the rest, but hear my heart.   No where in the whole Bible, Old or New Testament, when seeking to provide proof or evidence of salvation, does the Word of God point back to a certain event.   Lots of tests, especially in 1st John, but they all look something like this. ďIf any man be In (present tense) Christ, he is (present tense)------.Ē     Do you see the difference?   ďThisĒ the Bible says ďis what a Christian looks likeĒ.  In the lineal tense.  On an on-going basis. If you are trusting in an experience, it may be real; it may really have happened, but thatís not what God says is the evidence.  If you are trusting in what tradition of man says, and can still run with the world, and donít feel any remorse or guilt, you are not saved.   If there has not been a palpable change in your life, you are not saved.  I donít care who is in the drivers seat, or whoís name is on the door.  May God Bless.

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