Schumachers are grand marshals
By Lorie Palmer
Idaho County Free Press
From the 2008 Idaho County Fair Premium Book
“It’s definitely an honor to be chosen,” smiled Ambrose Schumacher from his Greencreek farm. Ambrose and Margie Schumacher, 2008 grand marshals for the Idaho County Fair.
Ambrose and Margie Schumacher are the Idaho County Fair grand marshals for 2008.
Ambrose Schumacher was born and raised in the home he still lives in.  He graduated from Greencreek High School in 1950 and began running the family farm at age 17 when his father died.  He was the second youngest of eight. 
Margie was born in Lewiston and raised in Culdesac.  When she and Ambrose married she moved into the Greencreek home where he and his mother lived. 
“I’ve never wanted to live anywhere else,” Ambrose shrugged, Margie nodding in agreement.  “I really love it here.”
The Schumachers raised nine children – six sons and three daughters – in the family home and now 23 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren make their way back for visits and work parties. 
The Schumachers have been ingrained in the Greencreek community for decades.  They farmed their land as well as milked dairy cows for 34 years.  In 1982, a double hip replacement forced Ambrose out of the dairy end, but he continued to farm and raise livestock for another decade.
“Now Margie’s nephews work the land – spring and winter wheat, barley and canola -,” Ambrose said.  “Our kids all graduated from Prairie High School, went to college and then went in different career paths.”
Throughout Ambrose’s existence the Idaho County Fair and Livestock Show has been a major part of his life. 
And then our kids were in 4-H and participated in the fair too,” he said.  “And now we have grandkids we go to the fair to watch show animals and whatnot,” Margie added.
While Margie held things down on the home front while the kids were younger, Ambrose not only worked the farm but was involved at the Greencreek Parish in the Men’s Sodality group and served on the Federal Land Board, Lewiston Grain Growers Association, Greencreek Highway District and also spend seven years on the Idaho County Fair Board. 
“He also spent 15 or 20 years playing Santa Claus,” smiled Margie.
For the community as well as in Cottonwood at the hospital, bank and for the local riding club, Schumacher donned a red and white suit and played the part. 
“when the girls were younger they’d come home and say, ‘Santa Claus smells just like Dad!” Ambrose laughed.  “It must have been my cologne. I think they figured it out later.”
Although the Schumachers are officially “retired,” they say their lives are now busier than ever.
“We spend a lot of time with our grandkids and we do things here in Greencreek,” Ambrose said.
“We have a very good life,” Margie nodded. 

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