Called and Gifted Workshop set for Oct. 3-4
The Called and Gifted Workshop! is set for October 3 and 4 at the Spirit Center at St. Gertrude’s Monastery.
The Called and Gift Workshop is put on by the Catherine of Siena Institute whose mission statement is “Equipping parishes to form lay apostles for their mission in the world.”
The Friday session will take place in the evening and run from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Saturday’s session will run from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You can bring a lunch or buy lunch at the Monastery.
Each participant receives a Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory and a packet of materials, which includes an outline of the entire workshop for note taking. Several breaks are built into the schedule, with plenty of time for lunch on Saturday.
The presentation utilizes digital slide projection medium with presenters standing to the right or left of the projection screen.
Although it stands on its own very well, the Called and Gifted Workshop is designed to help individuals only begin a discernment of personal vocation. The Catherine of Siena Institute is committed to helping the parish foster this discernment process over time to develop the structures and trained leaders necessary to sustain it.
The Called and Gifted Workshop is especially useful for: cradle Catholics, active Parishioners, young adults, people in transition, new or returning Catholics, those interested in religious vocations, those active in ministry, Parish staff and leadership, clergy and religious and people looking for answers.
Things you will learn are: What the Church teaches; Results of the Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory; The nature of spiritual gifts and About Call and Vocation.
The schedule for Friday’s session is: 7 p.m.-Introduction to the Office & Mission of Laity; 8 p.m.-10 minute break; 8:10 p.m.-The Office of the Laity; 8:30 p.m.-How to take the Inventory; 8:40 p.m. Take the Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory.
Saturday’s schedule is: 9 a.m.-Introduction to Charisms; Pastoral Charisms; 10:45 a.m.-15 minute break; 11 a.m.-Communication Charisms; Organizational Charisms; 11:30-12:30-Lunch; 12:30 p.m.-Five Steps of Discernment; Lifestyle Charisms; Healing Charisms; 2:15 p.m.-15 minute break; 2:30 p.m.-Charisms of Understanding; Creative Charisms; How Discerning Your Gifts Can Change Your Life; 3:10 p.m-10 minute break; 3:20 p.m.-Implications of Gifts Discernment; 4 p.m.-Conclusion and Blessing.
Application forms for the workshop are at the local Catholic churches. 
You can check out the Catherine of Siena website for more information on the program at or call 888-878-6789.

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