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Letter to the Editor:
I wish to ask all voters to support Paul Shepherd for State Representative from District 8.  He has done a great job in Boise for us.  He is a business man himself so he knows what our needs are.  Retired government workers don’t have a clue.  He supported a personal property tax exemption of $100.000 for all businesses which removes the tax liability entirely for 88% of all Idaho businesses.  
The two Democratic commissioners have done enough damage in our county.  Why send them to Boise where they will have the opportunity to foul up the entire state?
Vote for Paul Shepherd, Ken Roberts, and Lee Heinrich, who all work very well together.
Donna Wassmuth

Sali—A Better Early Childhood Education Plan
I support Congressman Bill Sali because he supports the best form of early childhood education-loving parents.  Sali wants to protect families through seeking lower taxes, limited federal involvement, and common sense.  Walt Minnick, on the other hand, supports Barack Obama’s early childhood education plan that represents the largest intrusion of the federal government into intimate family issues America has ever seen.  
Research shows that Head Start, daycare, and pre-kindergarten are all poor substitutes for the loving, individualized instruction and interaction that responsible parents give.  The Obam plan which Minnick supports relies on the failed standard of government daycare-a downward spiral which leads to higher government spending, higher taxes, forcing more parents into the workforce and taking additional time from their children.  Couple this discredited state-child model with Obama’s desire to have the federal government teach sex education to kindergartners and we can start to see the radical shift the Obama-Minnick plan really is.
Bill Sali supports motherhood and families by wanting to lower government spending so that they can perform the important work of early childhood education.  Bill Sali supports the institution of the family.  He has my vote.
Rep. Steve Thayn
Emmett Idaho

Letter to the Editor
Today there are two competing ideologies Conservatism and liberalism and every election cycle both political parties run on a conservative platform to get elected. Case in point, Bill Sali’s opponent sounds more like a Republican candidate than Bill Sali. Now if his opponent is so conservative why is he supporting the Democrat platform? In Idaho County we have the same issue concerning Paul Shepherd’s opponent, he too is saying he’s just like Paul Shepherd, yet he too supports the Democrat platform and their nominee Barack Obama. I find it interesting that the Democrat opposition likes to sound like Republicans yet they will support a candidate in Barack Obama who has blocked legislation to require life saving care to children born alive during a botched abortion. Paul Shepherd’s opponent even opposed the amendment to the Idaho state constitution which defined marriage to be between a man and a woman. 
When we support Democrat candidates we support their platform, do you really think their leadership will let them stray from the fold on their hard core left ideology. Just look at the last election in congress and you will find your answer. Many democrats ran on a conservative platform yet voted consistently with the Democrat leadership. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck it probably is a duck.
If you want to vote for the true Republicans, then vote for Bill Sali and Paul Shepherd.
Thank You,
Jim Chmelik

Dear Editor,
The old adage “you need to dance with the one who brung ya” applies to barn dances and politics. In this case the ones bringing Lee Heinrich to the dance are Political Action Committees and mega international corporations such as Phillip Morris USA and Anheuser-Busch Co., Inc. According to incumbent state senator Heinrich’s Sunshine Report these are the groups supporting his re-election to office. Why should I vote for someone who will represent interests outside of District 8 in Idaho? What dance is he doing for them?
No, I think I would rather vote for Randy Doman. His Sunshine Report indicates he is supported by individuals most of whom live and work in District 8.
Please look closely at the candidates and their supporters when you vote on November 4th. Doman is the choice for Idaho residents to represent us in our state legislature.
Terri Tackett

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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