Prairie Horizons and the community have great reason for celebration this week!  Why?  Through the hard work and efforts of Shelli Schumacher, Chinh Le, CEDA workers, and City Council members, the architect for the renovation of the Community Hall in Cottonwood has been selected.
USKH out of Lewiston will begin working with Prairie Horizons Intergenerational Action team along with CEDA to negotiate the scope of work to be done, budget, donated labor, etc.  This project was one of the top priorities discussed at our Vision Rally almost one year ago and we have been moving forward with it as much as possible.  The Team is seeking your input and comments on what you would like to have changed, added, or done in the renovation of the hall.  As you know, “more hands make lighter work,” and we’d appreciate your lending a hand since the community is made up of everyone.  Please call either Shelli Schumacher or Chinh Le and give them your name, contact information, and how you could help with this project.  You can reach Shelli at 962-5371 and Chinh Le at 962-7082.
We thank and celebrate the Intergenerational Action Team for their hard work.  And it is hoped that we will let them know we appreciate what’s been started by them through our own participation with this project.
Several people who came to our “Movies on the Wall” wondered if we would be doing this next summer.  The answer is yes.  Until then, though, the Steering Committee has decided to do “Movies in the Hall” once a month through the fall, winter and spring until we can once again so them outdoors.  The first “Movie in the Hall” will be Sunday afternoon, October 19th at 2:30 PM.  We will be featuring the Olson twins, in the movie, “Double Double Toil and Trouble.”  It is a family movie and we’re hoping for an excellent turnout of families.   Just like the summer movies, these will be a fundraiser for the renovation of the Community Hall in Cottonwood and all donations will go for this cause.  We will have concessions available also.  So come out for an afternoon of family fun on October 19th.  See you then. 

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