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The Protectors of our People
When I moved to Idaho to be among a more independent-thinking people, I grew to appreciate that saying from our forefathers, “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.”  I also realized that same great leader voiced the words, “A corrupt and vicious society has need of masters.”  As we can all see corruption from above in our government, as well as corruption within our society, where does this put the most important and critical job of our time-that of a sheriff?  Being one of the most difficult positions to serve in our present times, could a true leader protect us against both adversaries, and where do we turn?  Again, our forefathers give us the answer all in the word “character”, that great security of our people and our Constitution.  What could one ask more than that quality of character that embraces “rightness” and God’s guiding hand in all our dealings?  If under a nation of good men, a government cannot be corrupt, I think it’s time to start filling these jobs with “a few good men.”  And what could be more important for a public servant than having demonstrated that “prerequisite to leadership” in his ability to serve?
As for me, Doug Giddings has my vote.
Geary Morgan
Kooskia, Idaho

Do we really want this “Obama man,”
Who blithely tells us he “always can…” 
Solve every problem we ever needed...
While the wisdom of history is left unheeded?

For what he claims seems strange to me, 
When studied through the eyes of history!
Does it force me to realize he is superman…?
Who can solve every need with a simple “I can?”

For far back in time as the old story goes,
A man himself dealt with all of his woes,
He could not leave them to government, 
Or to a superman who was from heaven sent!

In fact, when I really start thinking of it,
Obama sends me into a deepening fit,
The suggestion is, what I myself cannot do,
Can be easily done, by…you know who!

Today medical bills are huge we know,
Paying them ourselves can be extremely slow,
But the “I can “ man says, “just leave it to me”
“I will sign a bill,…,from your bill set you free!”

And those college costs are really huge…
They pile up like Katrina’s deluge!
“Don’t worry, elect me, I’ll pay it all!
Education will be free…just answer my call!”

“Oh yes, and another great thing I will do…
I will lower the taxes for most all of you…
And balance our budget each year every time,
The deficit that Bush gave us is really a crime!”

“And those potential babies we didn’t plan on…
Elect me…together we’ll see that they’re gone…
Removed from the womb before they are born,
No matter that some might be horribly torn.”

“And if that aborted baby somehow arrives, 
Unexpectedly and amazingly…still survives!
We could do, as I voted not so long ago,
Just leave IT to die, no one really will know!”

And do not worry that today’s science does say,
That a human was murdered that abortion day,
For the life of we humans most certainly began,
In an instant…involving a WOMAN and MAN!

“But elect me, and I promise that this I will do, 
Make it legal and right for the many of your,
Who want a family with just a dad and a dad,
Or a mom and a mom, really that’s not so bad!”

So lets not forget the lesson that history does tell,
About George and Abe, and the large liberty bell,
Just do it yourself if the job you want done,
And please do not leave it to some magic someone, 
Who promises your problems to solve every day,
But deprives you of freedom along all of the way!

So Obama, the man, who tells us…”I can…
Do it all…,’cause you know that I am the man!”
I’m sorry, here’s a person who buys it no way,
And I refuse to respond to your emotional sway.
I am looking for the person who leaves it to me,
To take care of my own problems responsibly!

So the bottom line is I’ll not vote for you!
And will work very hard, I promise to do,
That others will see it the way I see…
We gain if you lose…the presidency!

Patrick J. “Jerry" Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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