Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

I’m asking voters to please replace Paul Shepherd on November 4th.  In 2005 when two Idaho Transportation Department employees were killed by a cement truck on Highway 95, local residents were shocked to learn that Idaho law exempted cement trucks from safety inspections.  This truck was operating with a nineteen year old retreaded tire that blew out, causing this horrible accident.  Shepherd cosponsored a bill reversing the exception, but then voted against his own bill.  District 8 House candidate Jim Rehder cares deeply about public safety and won’t hesitate to vote in our best interests.  Paul Shepherd’s lack of voting for public safety issues is also evident in his “no” vote on a bill which would have expanded licensing requirements, including criminal background checks, first aid, and infant CPR training for employees of daycare centers with less than thirteen children.  Shepherd’s excuse for this “no” vote, “I don’t want government  for the sake of government.”  I urge voters to replace Paul Shepherd, by voting for Jim Rehder.  Jim is a dedicated public servant.  He has tons of experience in criminal justice issues and is a strong advocate for our children.
Maura Willig
Grangeville, ID 83530

Shepherd Doesn’t Support Education?  What a Joke!
 It’s been brought to my attention that a politician has been going door to door professing that Representative Paul Shepherd, who is running for re-election , doesn’t support education.  The truth follows!  
 I’ll never forget how proud my father and mother were when I graduated from the University of Idaho with a degree in elementary education.  Growing up, Paul Shepherd, taught all nine of us children that to be successful, productive citizens you do not have to have a college education.  However, he said that a degree is valuable, opens doors and may make life easier in many ways.  He also added that if you choose not to get a college education, constantly self educate.
 I’m in my thirteenth year of being a teacher and my fifteenth year of being a volleyball coach.  My father has supported me all the way!  Before Idaho, I taught in Nevada and was voted in as teacher of the year by my fellow teachers.  Opposing coaches have voted me in as volleyball coach of the year two out of the five years I’ve been coaching in Idaho.  What’s the secret to my success?  Part of it is having a father like Paul Shepherd who supports education, who raised me with the values it takes to be successful and who taught me what hard work is by his example.   
 My father obtains my opinion on many educational issues such as the role of unions in schools, merit pay, No Child Left Behind, text books, special education, funding issues and so on.  He knows that I’m an insider in education and therefore listens closely to what I say about what is going on every day in schools.  When we get together for our family gatherings, the main way we enjoy each other’s company is by talking religion and politics; an education issue is almost always brought up for discussion.
 Who would know more than this elementary teacher/coach about how much Paul Shepherd does and has supported education over the long haul?!
Kristin Goff
Horseshoe Bend, Idaho
Proud Daughter, Mother, Wife, Teacher, Coach

To the Editor
My father Paul Shepherd is running for re-election to the State House of Representatives and I have heard that his opponent, a Mr. Reyder has been going door-to-door misrepresenting (some would say lying about) what my Dad believes in and what he has done as a Representative.  I would like to address one issue that especially shows Mr. Ryder’s ignorance of what he is talking about. 
First is his statement that Mr. Shepherd is “against education”. I am the oldest of nine children, all of us are married and of the 18 of us, we have eight that receive paychecks from the public school system. Some of us teach, some coach (same funding source) and most of us do both. Because my parents taught us a strong work ethic, to learn and to think for ourselves we have been very successful: I have had the honor of coaching two State Championship teams, my brother-in-law won the Nevada State Basketball Championship and my sister’s have both been voted “Teacher of the Year” at their schools just to name a few of the honors we have been blessed with because all types of education were stressed in our home. 
My parents also have 35 grandchildren, some of whom went on to further their education at institutions such as: Boise State, University of Idaho, College of Idaho and my daughter is currently attending Walla Walla Community College with all expenses paid through academic and athletic scholarships. We were obviously taught that being educated is important and we have passed it on to our children. How dare anyone say my father does not care about education!
Paula Tucker
Garden Valley, Idaho

Letter to editor:
Ken Roberts is a real estate developer who championed the Developers’ Discount giving big tax breaks to land speculators.  Then, despite public protest, he voted to continue this scam for another 14 years.  He strongly supports the expanding tax breaks for big business that will result in a greater tax burden for ordinary citizens.  He is willing to give a $100 million tax break to large corporations, but is against additional revenue needed for highway maintenance, child safety, health care, schools, and other public services.  From 2000 to 2005 Roberts and his wife received $191,979 in government agricultural disaster payments for farmers (nearly 40% of all disaster payments made in his entire county) despite his criticism of taxes and federal spendiing.
This self-serving/special-interest type of government is wrong. This is why Richard Adams chose to run for the legislature.  Dick previously served in the legislature for six terms.  I have known Dick for over thirty years. He is ethical and honest with strong faith which guides the decisions he makes. He will work hard to maintain our unique Idaho way of life. On November 4th vote for integrity and responsible leadership. Vote for Richard Adams
Janie Fluharty

To the Editor
In 2003, Randy Doman defeated Pat Holmberg for a seat on the Idaho County Commission. Although commissioners run from a given district, they are elected by and represent all county voters.
In autumn 2005, Doman advised the commission he and his wife had purchased property in District 3. As urged by many residents, he added that he intended to meet any requirements for continuing to serve all the county’s citizens.
In 2006 Becky Johnstone, who had been a Holmberg appointee to a county position, filed a complaint against Doman. Newspapers reported that Johnstone’s complaint was hand delivered to the Idaho Attorney General’s office by Holmberg’s fellow commissioner Alice Mattson. 
A deputy attorney general issued an opinion on the complaint, which contradicted an earlier opinion in a similar case. Because these opinions were in conflict, Judge Bradbury appointed a special prosecutor to review the matter. In his findings, the prosecutor cited a lack of any clear definition of residency in such cases. He concluded, “It is certainly possible that Idaho County is being invited to engage in potentially lengthy and expensive litigation to further the ends of a sub-political party whose members seek to achieve in court what they could not achieve at the ballot box.”
Voters are now being asked by a few Holmberg/Mattson supporters to settle an old score. We risk losing a competent, dedicated public servant if we listen to those same voices that led our county government into chaos just a few years ago.
Linwood Laughy

Letter to the Editor 
Five Reasons to Vote for Richard (Dick) Adams for District 8 Representative
1. Dick has the real world experience – in lumbering, teaching, agriculture, and local business;
2. Dick is temporarily retired, and can give full attention to his work as a legislator;
3. Dick understands and cares about the needs of working people and elders;
4. Dick is committed to open communication with the people of District 8.
5. Dick has a lifelong record of integrity in public service.
I’m proud to support my long-time friend, Richard Adams, to be our next Representative (District 8, Seat A) in the Idaho Legislature.
Darcy James

Dear Editor
I lived in Orofino until recently moving to Boise for better employment opportunities.  I care very much about what happens in District 8, especially where it concerns the economy. I think it is very sad when many young people find it necessary to move to the city to make a living. 
Representative Paul Shepherd is a working man. He owns and operates a log home business. When he is not busy working on the issues of his constituents, he is a responsible to his customers, employs and family. He knows that it is small business, not government that create jobs. 
He raised 9 children in rural Idaho who are now educated, respected, responsible citizens. He has 36 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren. He has 5 family members who teach school, and coach in country schools.  This gives him much insight into the needs of rural Idaho education.   
His voting record reflects his life.  He will always stand for the hard working men, and woman, and small business owners who have families to support. He truly knows what its like to work hard in small business, raise, and educate a family in rural Idaho.  
His opponent has had a cushy government job his whole working life.  As a government retiree his opponent has lots of time to knock on doors and make all kinds of promises. Don't believe the spin, his opponent is a big government, Obama, Larocco promoting  liberal, who believes more taxes, and more government rules, and regulations can fix anything.  
Re-elect Representative Paul Shepherd. 
Charlene Montgomery 
Formally of Orofino 
Boise, Idaho

Dear Editor
We are lucky to have Paul Shepherd as our representative in the State legislature. Paul is a conservative Republican who supports your private property rights and the return of our farming-timber-mining economy. He opposes gun control, wolf reintroduction, and the  lock-up of our forests and natural resources. He advocates right to life and traditional family values. Paul is a hard worker, a team player, and has always been very involved in community service. He has operated many types of businesses and presently owns a sawmill and builds log homes. I have known Paul for many years and have been proud to have him representing District 8 in Boise. Please give him your vote on November 4 and keep him protecting your beliefs and values. Thanks
Lucky Brandt
Kooskia, ID

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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