Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

If you are looking for a letter to endorse a political candidate---we are very sorry.  We would however like to acknowledge the generosity of Benett Forest Industries and Glenn Poxleitner.  They graciously donated to our recent boys basketball fundraiser.  In fact, without Glenn’s help and guidance and Mr. Benett’s generosity, our fundraiser would not have been nearly as successful.
We would also like to thank the players and parents that participated in the fundraiser.  No doubt, it was a couple full days of work, but, we believe it was well worth the time and effort.  You guys really did a great job. 
Finally, we also would like to thank the people in the community who purchased the firewood.  We certainly appreciate your support of our program and, hopefully we did a good job for you.  Let us assure you the money will be put to good use.
Once again, thanks to everyone who played a role in our fundraiser…and, oh by the way, don’t forget to vote on November 4th.
Coach Bruner, Coach Chaffee, Coach Holthaus, and Coach Schlader

Letter to the Editor:
Why are the Democrats so unclear in their positions?   As their constituents, voters have a right to know where they stand.
These are the facts of the town hall meeting  for Idaho County in Grangeville on Monday the 20th:
Ken Roberts, Paul Shepherd and Lee Heinrich stated their positions on abortion and same sex marriage very clearly.   They are against abortion and same sex marriage. 
Their three opponents refused to directly state their positions on these two issues.
Pro-life to these Democrats seems to mean that we should protect life from birth to natural death.  They did not state that they would protect human life from conception to natural death, and  calling the life of a child a wedge issue implies to voters that it is not an important issue. They refused to state whether they support their party platform on abortion and their presidential candidate Obama, who supports abortion.  Do they oppose legal abortion from conception to natural death?
These democratic candidates refused to answer whether they support a marriage amendment, preventing same sex marriage.  This implies that they will support the legalization of gay marriage:  biologically impossible since same sex couples cannot naturally unite or beget children. 
In the gemstatevoterguide.com the democratic candidates refuse to answer any questions.  Vote for Republicans Paul Shepherd, Ken Roberts and Lee Heinrich who support their party’s platform without deception and have clearly proven records.  Without the right to life, there are no rights. 
Sherry Nuxoll

Letter to the Editor
It has been said a measure of society is how we treat our most vulnerable. Are not the most vulnerable in our society the unborn? Yet the Democrat party consistently votes for the right to destroy the most innocent of our society; and now some Democrat candidates in Idaho County are upset because they insist they are pro-life and want recognition for their position, yet they do nothing to speak out against their party platform or challenge pro abortion positions.
Your Democrat presidential candidate spoke against providing life saving treatment to a child born alive after an attempted abortion. This same candidate supports the termination of a child by delivering the torso of the child and then, while the head is still in the birth canal, the abortionist sticks a pair of scissors in the skull of this child, and collapses the skull of the child. Until you speak out against these most barbaric acts your pro-life statements will ring hollow and insincere. Your party platform as become increasingly more radical on the issues of abortion, you cannot have it both ways. 
How can we start a discussion about social justice when justice does not even protect the most innocent of our society? 
The Republican Party platform and its candidates support life. Paul Shephard, Ken Roberts, and Lee Heinrich truly support the protection of the most innocent in our society.
Jim Chmelik

To the Editor
Senator Lee Heinrich, Representative Ken Roberts, and Representative Paul Shepherd have all been doing a great job for us.  Some of the their legislative accomplishments  in the 2008 session are:  Driver’s licenses for legal residents only; the return of open crop residue burning; and making it a criminal act to coerce or attempt to coerce a woman to obtain an abortion.  They also continued to oppose the implementation of a National ID, while voting in favor of the authorization of the disposal of wolves in the event they are molesting or attacking livestock or domestic animals.
Haven’t these three proved that they will do a good job for us?  Let’s reelect them so they can continue to work together for the good of the people of Idaho.
Donna Wassmuth

To the editor
A recent article in the Tribune about a man who illegally killed an elk in Kelso Washington indicated that he was fined something like $14,000 and sentenced to 3 years in jail.
What penalty is levied on a Planned Parenthood abortionist who kills numerous innocent babies a year?  None!  They make a killing on this killing – no pun intended.
Isn’t aborting a precious baby, who is part of America’s future, a little worse than killing a game animal?
Our constitution gives all human beings an inalienable right to life. Yes, aborting a baby is a choice; it is a choice to kill.   God help us stop this holocaust in America for America’s sake!
Charles Uhlenkott

To the editor
Eight of Idaho's most conservative Republican legislators recently swept through District 8. They'd been summoned by the district's incumbent legislators, running again for office — including Lee Heinrich. Throughout this campaign, Heinrich has only "swept" through, while for months his challenger, Randy Doman, has visited with most city councils in the District, many chambers of commerce and small businesses, and thousands of residents on the doorsteps of their homes.
Heinrich says the race hinges on just two things: "abortion and the second amendment." Randy Doman agrees these are important, but Idaho's working families have been telling him legislators must tackle a broad range of issues. Citing how many times current legislators have been characterized as "do-nothing" legislators, Randy states that Idahoans need legislators who will take action.
While Idaho's families are suffering from the economic downturn, high fuel prices, and sales taxes on food, we don't need a State Senator whose vision is limited to two issues and whose closest ties are to right-wing idealogues and corporate Idaho. We need a State Senator whose closest ties are to our Idaho. 
Let's energize our legislature by electing a man of action whose focus is on us and our needs: Randy Doman.
Don Fluharty
Grangeville, Idaho

To the Editor:
For the past four weeks I've read Republican Party ads demonizing Democrats, dividing the community, and trying to divert voters’ attention from the real issues of local and state government. The boogey men and women these ads portray don’t exist. You know Idaho Democrats because you pray with them in church, stand beside them at the shooting range, serve with them on hospital boards and library boards and school boards and Horizon committees, and volunteer beside them at thrift stores and food banks. 
It's time Idaho voters sent a message that they’re tired of the same old Karl Rove politics. We all want quality schools and safe roads and accessible health care and a sound financial system, all necessary ingredients of thriving, sustainable communities. We want politics that unite us rather than divide us, for there is much work to do and no single group has all the right answers.
It’s time for a new politics in Idaho, one built on candidates’ individual merit rather than party brand. Idahoans pride themselves on their rugged individualism. We should all exercise that individualism on November 4th.
Andrea Solberg

Dear Editor
Too often I hear from people, "Why does it matter which party a candidate belongs to?" Party tells a lot very quickly about a person's core beliefs and his or her underlying character. The short version is: Republicans believe in individual responsibility and personal freedom- or solutions lie with the people- while Democrats believe the government knows best and can better manage our lives- or more government is the solution. Has too much government got us into our present mess or do we need more? YOU know. Please vote to protect our freedom and save America. Vote Republican. Thanks
Lucky Brandt

Dear Editor, 
I would like to take this opportunity to encourage the voters of District 8 to vote to re-elect my good friend and colleague, Representative Ken Roberts, to the Idaho House of Representatives.
Ken is one of the brightest people in the Legislature and one of the best people to work with – whether you are Republican or Democrat.  He is widely respected for his hard work and thoughtful approach to issues.  He is widely recognized and respected for his expertise on tax policy.  He is also one of the most effective debaters in the House.  When he stands up to talk about a bill, his colleagues truly pay attention.
It is these qualities that resulted in Ken being elected by his peers to serve as House Caucus Chairman – one of the top positions in the Idaho Legislature.  He has proven himself to be an outstanding leader and spokesman for the Republican Party.  More importantly, he acts in the best interests of his constituents in District 8 and Idahoans.  He has helped make Idaho, and especially this part of the state, a better place to live.
We need to re-elect him to the House of Representatives.
Representative Paul Shepherd

Dear Editor
Recent criticism of Paul Shepherd by his political opponent needs further examination. Having served three terms in the Idaho Senate-one with Paul as a Representative-I am very proud of his work for the people of District 8. His inexperienced opponent accused Paul of being ineffective, not being respected, and gave whole list of Paul's votes on various bills.
I know from personal experience that working with two other Commissioners is a lot different than dealing with 104 other legislators, plus lobbyists, and the Governor.
Paul is very respected amongst the majority party. Just last weekend Senators and other House members from around the state, including the Speaker of the House, were in the area going door to door to support Paul. 
This criticism also included a whole laundry list of legislative topics that Paul supported or opposed. After looking up most of the described legislation associated with the topics, I can say that I would have voted exactly like Paul did on each one. Space limitations prevent me from giving more detail but really highlight the differences between the candidates. Paul Shepherd is a strong supporter of business, education, individual rights, and personal responsibility. His Democratic opponent is in full support of big bureaucracy and the mentality that "Government knows best".
Please vote with me for a strong, responsible voice for us in Boise and support Representative Paul Shepherd.
Skip Brandt

To the editor
To all of you voters out there who are pro life but do not want to vote solely on that issue and thus be labeled a narrow-minded single issue voter.  Keep in mind that an average of over 4000 little babies are killed daily in the US through abortion:    Bin Laden is running for president.  He is an exceptional orator.  He is an effective and experienced economist.  He promises to pay for your health care.  He has years of foreign policy experience. He even wants to lower your taxes.  He campaigns on a desire to bring a fresh change to the political atmosphere in Washington. If this were all true, would you vote for him?   Vote a single issue. Vote Pro-Life.    Pro-Life is a single issue but it is a fundamental issue. Vote McCain/Palin.
Mark Uhlenkott

To the editor
I read and hear a lot on the abortion issue and with the election near perhaps it is time that the platforms of the two parties be read on the issue.
You can find the Idaho Democratic Party 2008 platform @ http://www.idaho-democrats.org/index.php?searchword=platform&ordering=&searchphrase=all&option=com_search
Their platform statement is on page 6: 
"We oppose the intrusion of government into issues of reproductive rights. We support policies that will keep abortion safe, legal and rare."
You can find the Idaho Republican Party 2008 platform @ www.idahoansforhollingsworth.com/gopplatform.html
Their platform statement is at the end of Section XVI: 
'We reaffirm our support for the sanctity of life and the rights of the unborn child. We recognize many strong and diverse views within our party membership on this issue.   We oppose the use of federal or state tax funds to aid in the destruction of human life. We oppose the use of Idaho taxpayer funds to finance so-called “health” abortions. We do not support abortion based on sex selection, convenience, or as a method of birth control. We oppose partial birth abortion and support legislation to abolish this practice. We support parental consent for minors to obtain an abortion. We strongly encourage adoption as an alternative to abortion and support legislation that expands opportunities and provides assistance to the adoptive process."
Wonder just how long the Republicans have supported "safe, legal and rare abortions"?
Emmett Wilson

Dear Editor,
One week ago I drove south on 95 and 55 finally ending up in the Stanley Basin.  Along the roads I happily observed that  the majority of signs;  literally thousands of candidate signs,  quietly promoted all of our Republican National and Idaho Delegation running for office.  These of course are, McCain/Palin, Risch, Sali,  Roberts, Shepherd,  and Heinrich.  It was an uplifting snap shot of how Idaho consistently votes for a greater America.
Betty Alm 

Letter to the Editor
Representative Paul Shepherd's demonstration of class and integrity last Wednesday night at the Grangeville candidate forum should be a lesson to all of us on how to conduct yourself with dignity and grace when faced with an onslaught of personal and ad hominid statements, from your opponent.  He responded not in kind but rather to the issue presented before him.  He demonstrated courage to his convictions and took principled stands on the issues presented before him.  His opponent consistently danced around the issues or spoke in platitudes.
Representative Shepherd has worked tirelessly for us in the legislature.  He cosponsored legislation, which funded our
local schools when it looked like we would lose our Craig/Wyden funding.  He also cosponsored legislation to put the agricultural tools back in the hand of the grass growers where they belong.  His opponent on the other hand has accepted thousands of dollars from the Conservation League and its members who support a radical environmental agenda in our area.  How will his opponent respond to these groups when they come before the legislature and push their radical environmental agenda?
We need someone who can demonstrate a calm demeanor and a level-headed approach to solving the challenges facing our
district.  I encourage you to vote with me in supporting Representative Shepherd for another two years in the Idaho Legislature. 
Thank you,
Shelly Dempsey

Dear Editor, 
Ken Roberts Understands Rural Communities
While serving as a Clearwater County Commissioner, I got to know Ken Roberts as a legislator who really understands how everything he does in the legislature affects folks at the local level. Ken's expertise is on tax issues, and his goal is to relieve as much of the tax burden on the citizens, and small businessmen that he can. 
He has watched as the the community where his family homesteaded grew at unprecedented rate and property values, and taxes went out of control, causing natives of that area to be forced out of their family farms. 
Ken is a hard working farmer , and small excavating business. He has to live under the legislation he passes.  He grew up on the family farm where he is still working, He truly understands that resource issues such as farming, logging, recreation, are what we in District 8 depend on to fuel our economy.
Ken Roberts and Paul Shepherd were instrumental in helping get the enviromental issues settled, so that our farmers could return to burn grass fields, something very important to adequate yields. 
Please return Ken Roberts to the legislature. 
Pete Curfman
Retired Clearwater County Commissioner 

To the editor
I received a campaign flyer in the mail touting the Idaho Grocery Tax credit as the largest tax decrease in Idaho history.  It says nothing about the 20% sales tax increase passed on the Idaho citizens in 2007.  Idaho is one of only 14 states in the United States that charges sales tax on food.  It is the most unfair tax of all. 
It is time to vote for Jim Rehder for Idaho House of Representatives.  He will work to make the tax system fair to the middle class and working class of Idaho.  Jim will work to stabilize funding for rural schools.  Jim will work with the citizens of District 8 to create small businesses that offer a living wage. 
Jim Rehder will be a strong advocate for education at all levels for Idaho citizens, not just for the wealthy.  Jim will work to keep children safe at school, day care, and on the highways.  Jim will help counties and cities reduce costs and improve services. Jim will work to find resources to support first responders.  Most of all, Jim will work for the citizens of District 8.
Vote for Jim Rehder.  He will work for you.
Mona Farmer

To Editor:
I'm supporting Paul Shepherd for State Representative, Dist. 8, Position B.  He is strongly Pro Life, supports traditional marriage and family values.  His opponent, Mr. Rehder, says that he supports family values and yet he supports the Democrat party platform which is pro-abortion, pro same-sex lifestyle, and pro tax and spend.
Mr. Shepherd has operated his own business for many years, while his opponent has always worked for a govt. entity which spends taxpayers money.  We have a clear choice of who we want to be spending our hard-earned tax dollars and has our family values.  The clear choice is Paul Shepherd.
Charlotte DeArmond
Grangeville, Idaho

Letter to the Editor:
Every day voters hear both political parties call for change in the way our national government operates.  I agree, but we also must look closer to home and effect some real change in the Idaho State Legislature.  For several years the Republican-dominated legislature has failed to make progress on issues Idahoans care most about.
Our legislators have….
•       stuffed important legislation in drawers and refused to hold hearings on important issues.
•       ignored the advice of statewide coalitions and working groups like Moving Idaho Forward; Farm, Ranch, and Forest Preservation coalition; and the legislative interim committee on tax exemptions;
•       failed to provide local option tax authority for hospitals, transportation, and other community needs;
•       opposed minimum safety standards for daycare centers and criminal background checks on daycare workers;
•       shifted more taxes from large corporations to middle-class families.
Idaho families and small business owners are looking for leaders who will change our state government back to a government for the people, not just the powerful few.
District 8 has three outstanding legislative candidates who will stand up for Main Street and the middle class, promote open and honest government, and keep Idaho a great place to live and raise families.  Jim Rehder, Dick Adams, and Randy Doman deserve your vote on November 4th.
Leta Strauss
Chair, Idaho County Democratic Party

Even though I have lived in California for the past 40 years, my roots go deep into the soil of the Camas Prairie and North Central Idaho.  That is why I am supporting Jim Rehder for the Idaho House of Representatives, District 8. 
Jim's parents, Lee and Barbara Rehder, have been friends of my parents, Les and Mary Reed, of Cottonwood since I was a small boy.  The Rehders are solid citizens and retired dairy farmers on the Camas Prairie who have always put their country and their neighbors first.  I am 10 years older than Jim.  I have been able to watch his amazing career as we both graduated from Saint Joseph's grade school, high school at Saint Gertrude's Academy, and then the University of Idaho.
Jim's strengths are: sound judgment, courage, a solid education, a tremendous work ethic, common sense, and a strong   religious faith.  Jim Rehder has an outstanding public service record, and he is a consensus builder.  We Americans are blessed to have a man of the caliber of Jim Rehder willing to work for us.
Most importantly, Jim Rehder really wants the job of representing you.  Jim and his wife Sally have committed this past year of their life to win your trust and support. 
For a better healthier Idaho Please vote for Jim Rehder to be your representative to the Idaho House.
Dave Reed 
Former USAF F4 combat pilot North Viet Nam & Laos
Carmichael, CA

Dear Editor,
I am writing in support of our candidates for political office who have taken a stand for life.
Yes, I will only vote for a pro-life candidate, and that is not because I disregard the other issues.  I am simply not willing to place my confidence in a man or woman who does not regard human life as sacred.  How can one claim to be an advocate for the children, the poor, the disabled, the elderly, if they do not see it as their duty to protect innocent human life?
We do not have to choose mother or baby.  We must choose to both help the mother and save the baby.  We can, and we must, love them both.  (Thank you to Hope Pregnancy Center for working towards this in our own community!)
Thank you to Senator McCain for your pro-life voting record and for the witness your family is to the goodness of adoption.  Thank you, also, to Governor Palin for your powerful testimony to the beauty and dignity of the special needs child and to the profound contributions they make in our families and communities.  (Tragically, 90% of Down syndrome babies are now aborted.)
Thank you to our own Congressman Bill Sali and former Governor James Risch, Representatives Ken Roberts and Paul Shepherd, and Senator Lee Heinrich for your votes in favor of life, in defense of the defenseless.  You have my confidence and you have my vote!
Maura Uhlenkott
Grangeville, ID

In a few days the elections will be past history.  What form of leadership are you ready to live with?  None of the candidates are perfect, as were none in the past----but the platforms are miles apart.  Obama will lead America into a Marxist socialistic government (Marxist---zero ownership in capital & property.  Share the wealth!!! Share the wealth!!!  Gun owners beware—Obama will trash the 1st & 2nd Amendments of  the Constitution (the laws governing the land of the free)  Why do you think the framers of the Constitution put the 1st & 2nd in that order?  Because they are the most important.  What has Obama so far done for the good of this great country?  His close ties to terrorist and anti American friends such as Farrakhan (Jewish hater) Ayers (terrorist), Resko (financier) and his involvement with Acorn (voter fraud organization) should be very unnerving to the voting public.  McCain as we all know has served his country well in the past and will honor the rules of the constitution of the U.S.  Let us vote for McCain-Palin ticket & keep our country from a Marxist socialistic society.  They will have a tough job working with the Democratic Congress.  The financial crisis is mostly the result of Democratic action at least since 1997 (Clinton Adm) so give Bush a little break.  Frankly I do not want the White House remodeled to resemble a Mosque and if Obama loses this race we will hear screams of Racist – Racist all over the world.  Mr. Sims & others will label me racist but remember there is no one in this country more racist than Obama & Michele unless its (hate America Rev. J. Wright)  Please vote your conscience and pray for all the American freedoms we now enjoy.  In my opinion they are targeted for “CHANGE”
Hilda Nuttman

It’s that time again!  That time when each of us will choose the candidate we know the best, or that sounds the best, or the one who promises the most.  Not an easy task!  For me, the choice is sometimes between friends or one-time students, and others more in agreement with my basic principles.  In that case, no choice!  So I go with Paul Shepherd and other Republicans on the coming ballot.  The Democratic platform this year steers me away again from the party of my grandfather and father, the latter who turned away in later life because of policies he found unacceptable.  The abortion issue is of course the primary one.  I will never understand how any American can vote for an individual who so callously calls for a continuation of the wholesale slaughter of the most innocent and helpless of all human beings!  The nearly 50 million aborted so far ranks America as number one in the butcher-of-the-innocent class, exceeding by far the millions of Jews gassed by Hitler, and the other millions “liquidated” by Stalin in the Communist takeover of Russia.  Of course, the pro-life issue is not the only one.  Gun ownership, homosexual marriage, environmental concerns, wolf issues, and others all force me over to the Republican side.  Interesting it is that this area, known to be one of the best in the U.S. in which to live, is also one of the most conservative, yet we are asked to consider electing for president the most liberal senator of all.  Or to vote locally for Democrats who by the label they claim, seem to be on the same page.  Of course, if any of these local candidates who run under the Democrat label would come out strong and unequivocally against abortion and the other stands declared on their platform, I could be convinced to mark a ballot their way.  Though time is short, there is still time for such strong declarations!  Not hearing them, my ballot will go to Paul Shepherd, Lee Heinrich, Ken Roberts, James Rockwell, and others who think the way I do.  And for president?  A no-brainer! Should we elect Obama, we risk losing even more of the America we love, and the freedoms we have cherished along the way.  History is a harsh teacher!  Let’s hope we avoid mistakes that have doomed other civilizations in the past!
Jerry Wren

Dear Reader:  In District 8 we have a race for the Idaho state congressional seat between 2 men, both of whom are good persons, Paul Shepherd and Jim Rehder.  However, as with many contested races, the preferred candidate must be the one with a proven voting record on the issues that are the most important in our state, such as the right to life and education.  Representative Shepherd’s strongest commitment is to the protection in law of the unborn child.  With a 100% pro-life voting record, he has been a stalwart in helping produce legislation to engender in our state a culture of life and protection for the unborn child.  Also, Paul Shepherd has been a strong supporter of quality education and supports parental options when it comes to educating their children.  He believes in good public schooling, home schooling, and vouchers for private schools.  Five of Paul’s children are involved in education as teachers, and varsity coaches in public schools.  The democratic platform includes a mandate for unrestricted rights to abortion throughout all 9 months of pregnancy.  This position is strongly supported by the Obama/Biden presidential ticket.  Also, Walt Minnick and Larry Larocco support this pro abortion position and are funded and/or endorsed by the National Abortion Rights Action League.  Of what importance are economic issues or school issues if a child is not given the basic right to life?
Charles Uhlenkott

As citizens of this country, we are given many rights, one of which is freedom of speech.  It is this right that allows us to express our differing opinions freely and openly.  In a letter several weeks ago Mrs. Hilda Nuttman certainly exercised her freedom of speech, and I feel that I should respond.
When you claim that “our” ancestors are white Christian Europeans you cannot, and should not, speak for all of “us.”  Our own community may not reflect the wide range of cultures that compromise our country, but let me assure you of something, and I’ll use your words to do so: African Americans, Asian Americans, Latino Americans, and other “non-white” Americans ALSO have “tremendous talents, multiple skills, are hard workers in good times and bad times, determination and deep belief in God given rights.”  America extends beyond the borders of Cottonwood, Idaho, and our multiculturalism will not destroy America, but enrich it.  This is evidenced all over the country.  Our strength is in our diversity, and Democratic thinking will be improved with that diversity. 
This ethnocentric thinking has no place in modern America, and I will remind all of us that this is 2008 and not 1960.  I found Mrs. Nuttman’s letter to be disrespectful, and frankly racist.  Barack Obama’s middle name is Hussein, but he is not a terrorist, and not a member of Al Quaida.  My wife is Vietnamese, but she is not a communist and she is not a member of the Viet Cong.  Each one of us, our families, immigrated to America at some time.  We are a country comprised of immigrants, who can come here and improve their lives.  That is what makes our country great: its open arms and its freedoms.
By electing Barack Obama to the presidency, our freedoms will be upheld and respected, and our government will be led responsibly, something that we are in dire need of.  For evidence of this, just look at what the current administration has led us into over the last 8 years: a war, an economic disaster, rampant disregard of the Constitution, torture, and disrespect of us, the citizens of this country.  The list goes on.  We need someone to lead us out of the hole that has been dug, and I think that Barack Obama can do that.  And by the way, I should have the same freedom as everyone else in this community to show my support for the candidate of my choice, without the fear of someone stealing the sign in my front yard.  Maybe it was “Joe the Plumber.”
Jeremy Ostrander

In Idaho County we have two Commisioners Rehder & Doman who are running for District 8 Legislature positions.  They couldn’t even make a decision or solve garbage and other issues within our County.  Point being how could they ever be effective at the Idaho Legislature!!! 
We do not need do nothing representation.
We do need Paul Shepherd, Ken Roberts and Lee Heinrich, who are capable, creditable, effective and conservative representation for District 8!!!
Shorty & Marge Arnzen

We are supporting the candidates Adams, Doman, and Rehder for District 8 Representatives and Senate.  It is time for some new direction as we are no better off than we were four years ago.
Pam & Ron Harper

To the editor
You may know Jim Rehder as an Idaho County Commissioner who puts his heart and soul into the work of the county.  Let me tell you what else I know about Jim Rehder. I know that he worked as an educator and warden in the prison system for 28 years, introducing a program called “Parenting with Dignity” which rehabilitated men to return to families with the capability of breaking the cycle of neglect and abandonment that brought them to prison in the first place. I know that Jim and his wife, Sally, call Bingo every other Saturday at the Grangeville Senior Citizen Center and have done so for five years. I know that Jim has officiated at junior high and high school basketball games for 38 years, encouraging youth to stay involved in activities.  I know that, as a Commissioner, Jim has been successful in working tirelessly to encourage Congress to pass legislation to compensate our county for lost forest revenue. I know that Jim worked to find solutions to child abuse when he served 2 years on the Idaho Children’s Trust Fund. 
These are a few facts that outline the character of Jim Rehder, facts that don’t always come to light in political campaigns.  Jim Rehder walks the talk when it comes to service to his community, county, state and country. This is the quality of person I want representing me in our state Legislature.
 Bobbi Bodine

Letter to the Editor:
Living in Boise and working as a lobbyist during the 1974 Idaho Legislative session I was able to see and experience first hand how the legislative process works. The people's representatives spend a tremendous amount of time meeting with constituents; attending meetings, reading and researching pending bills and,  spending a lot of time in sessions on the floor. Several letters to the editor the past couple of weeks espousing  the incumbent Paul Shepherd's bid  for re election to House District 8 spiked my interest in who this person is. http://www.votesmart.org/voting_category.php?can_id=33272
I don't know how Mr. Shepherd  has  the time and energy to successfully represent the good folks of Central Idaho  while running a couple of businesses plus raising 9 kids?   Maybe that's why he voted against: SJR 107 -  City County, and Public Hospital Debt Financing;  H 581 - Highway Spending Regulation; H562  - Tax exemption for New Capital Investments; 
H703  -  College Loan Program;   H586  - State Administered Vehicle Emission Testing;  H121 - Smoking Ban in Bowling Alleys;  H582 - Breathalyzer Refusal Penalty;  H503  -Early Childhood Learning Standards; H768 - Public Charter Schools and  H703  -College Loan Program. Interesting that he voted for HH77  . . .Serving Alcohol  in Movie Theaters! Maybe he didn't have time to pay any attention to the fact that Idaho's Hospitals need financial help;  people  and especially our 
kids need clean air to breath; families need help in college loans for their kids, and Idaho  needs highways that are safe from  unsafe trucks and safe from more drunks on the road.
I grew up in Cottonwood and have known the Rehder Families my whole life. They were raised on a Dairy at the base of Cottonwood Butte. They are  rock solid  and are not afraid of  hard work. Jim Rehder  has the time and energy to work for the people of Central Idaho.
Jim Reed
Portland, Oregon

Letters to the editor we received but didn't have space for:

To the Editor,
As I have driven around Cottonwood these last few weeks, I have noticed  that a lot of my Catholic neighbors are supporting The Democratic Party.  My question is, Don't they Know that this is the group that supports abortion, even killing babies after they are 90% born, by sucking their brains out!   Don't they Know that this is the Party that appoints Judges that changed our laws to make GAY marriage and  Abortion Legal!  Don't they Know that the POPE Has said, That people who support these things, should not be given communion !
Anyone wanting to clue me in, answer my questions, my E-mail is lhuntley@msn.com
Lee Huntley

One Unique Man
 In a day when so much ignorance and apathy abounds in the world when it comes to government, politics, and the legal system, it is good to know there’s a man running for Idaho County Sheriff who’s past 37 years experience in law enforcement has endowed him with a vast amount of knowledge and desire to continue serving those he cares about most – those he lives among in Idaho County. His Name? Doug Giddings!
 Having served with the US Air Force Military Police, his many years in civilian law enforcement, along with his experience with youth correction and child safety, has provided him with a well-rounded base of experience in all areas necessary for a good Sheriff.
 Having the pleasure of knowing Doug and his good family, I have been impressed with his integrity, moral uprightness, and strength of character. His ability to be stern and know where to draw the line is tempered by his sense of objectivity and fairness, while, at the same time, still holding to that which is just. Indeed, he is one who believes that there can be a win-win situation, if all will work together to that end.
 His background has gifted Giddings with a high level of maturity in law enforcement. Besides being very proficient in his field, he is also realistic enough to know that, even with his vast experience, he hasn’t the answers to all problems. But, in the past, I have seen Doug be willing to seek answers and knowledge for the good of all.
 In stature, Doug Giddings is a big man, but getting to know him has shown his heart to be just as big. Idaho County has a uniquely qualified man in Giddings. His compassion, understanding, and love for others is his driving force behind seeking office as the next Sheriff for Idaho County. 
Joseph Gremmer

Dear Editor,
We have a candidate with great attributes who wishes to serve as an Idaho County Commissioner. This man is a self starter and has made wonderful things happen out of shear energy and mental ingenuity. I am referring to James Rockwell. 
Right now he is an independently registered investment representative with EK Riley Investment Service. He serves clients in a dozen states and three countries from his office on the Main Street of Grangeville. 
Before returning to Grangeville in 1997 with his wife Laurie and their five children, lived Vietnam, where he created a firm called VATICO employing a staff of 30 with offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The firm specialized in entry and investment strategies for American companies interested in doing business there.  Clients he served in Vietnam include the Chrysler Corporation, IBM, The Asian Wall Street Journal, Brown and Root, Hughes Aircraft Company, the Amway Corporation, Hughes Network Systems, the State of Michigan and others.
He also served as a contract consultant to the World Bank.  He was an original member of the business advisory group to the US Embassy and the US Liaison Office in Vietnam. 
Prior to Vietnam and at a younger age, James ran a real estate company; commercial crab fished, framed homes and bucked bales on the Camas prairie.
Affiliations since he returned to Idaho County include elected offices in the following: Idaho County Republican Party; Grangeville Lions Club; Grangeville Chamber of Commerce; St. Peter and Paul Parish; Grangeville Gun Club and he is a member of the NRA. 
Please consider casting your ballet for this candidate who is also very interested in creating a productive economic environment for Idaho County.  He will take steps to create more jobs here for all ages.
Betty Alm

To the editor
I am so glad that, finally, we have a chance to elect a sheriff who cares about right and wrong.  Doug Giddings has been protecting the public with respect and honor for most of his adult life.  I can tell he likes his work by the way he gets along with the people he serves in the Canyon area.  His particular style of law enforcement is down to earth and practical. 
I think it speaks loudly that in the primary election those people who know him best and have seen him work for the last ten years voted for him.  We have known his personality, his work ethic, his law enforcement style and his relationship with the community.  In Slate Creek 76% of the total voters voted for Doug Giddings.  In Riggins it was 75% and in Pollock it was 77%.  That many people are not usually wrong about a person.
Our county needs a sheriff who can get along AND get the job done properly.  I think Doug Giddings is the best sheriff candidate we have had in years. 
Diane Thach

Letter to the Editor:
Shepherd is a Great Listener
One thing we can all agree on is that Paul Shepherd is a quiet man.  Paul is unlike most politicians who like to hear themselves speak and pontificate on and on and on.  The quality Paul possesses is a rare one.  Paul is a great listener.  Paul will quietly sit in committee meetings and listen to presenters and bill sponsors.  Paul can take it all in and always makes good decisions.  Paul is able to do this because of his ability to listen. 
I have served four years with Paul on the Education Committee in the Idaho House, as we were both first elected in 2004.  In 2006 I became the Chairman of the Education Committee and the first thing I asked the Speaker to do was please keep Paul on the Education Committee. 
The people of District 8 are well represented with Paul serving on that committee.  We have been dealing with less and less federal dollars to help support rural school districts.  Paul alongside Majority Caucus Chair Ken Roberts have fought for continuation of the federal dollars and when those dollars looked like they are going away, Ken and Paul brought forward legislation to subsidize those rural school districts with state money.  It was a great piece of legislation to protect rural schools.
Another House Bill last year was HB500.  Once again Paul was a strong supporter.  HB 500 will open up the public schools’ endowment lands to renewable resource development.  Paul understands how to effectively and efficiently fund education while protecting the environment and solve our state’s future energy demands.  Paul once again saw the big picture. 
People like Paul Shepherd don’t come around often.  When they do and offer to serve the people of their communities and state we should take advantage of that.  I am truly honored to call Paul my friend and colleague.   The people of District 8 can be proud of Paul Shepherd and need to send him back to Boise for another term.  Please join me in supporting Paul Shepherd on November 4th.
Bob Nonini
Chairman, Education Committee
Idaho House of Representatives

Dear voters of Idaho County,
 It is time for us to elect a sheriff that will serve the people of Idaho County. Doug Giddings is the best qualified, most experienced, and most capable man for the job. In an election year where we find ourselves choosing the lesser of two evils in most campaigns, we actually have a candidate for sheriff that is a shining positive for Idaho County. I am neither a republican nor a democrat. I vote for the person, not the party and choosing Doug over the other candidates is an easy choice.
 Over the past 35 years of living in Riggins, working as a teacher/counselor,  and serving as a city council member and as the Mayor for 12 years, I have had many dealings with the sheriff’s department and believe I am qualified to choose a candidate for sheriff that will be not just effective, but outstanding at his job. 
 Doug is a “people” person, a neighbor and a friend. He will not change just because he is wearing the badge of sheriff. He is good with young and old and will meet the needs of people within the parameters of the law. I have watched Doug do his job over the last several years and I have always been impressed with the ease with which he does his work, his professionalism, and his ability to handle difficult situations in a calm and logical manner.
 Please join me in bringing positive and progressive change to the sheriff’s department.  Vote for Doug Giddings!
Robert G. Zimmerman

Letter to the Editor,
Jim Rehder has impressed me with his service as our Idaho County commissioner.
As the election date draws near, I’m sure everyone is as tired of the rhetoric as I am.  I especially hate the sabre rattling and mud slinging and pundits--blah, blah, blah--who think they know what I think.  I still believe that ANYONE who runs for public office and is willing to go through what it takes in this society to campaign for votes does it out of a sense of purpose and moral obligation to serve a higher cause. That means they are usually good people.  However, their highest causes don’t always match mine. 
Personally, I am looking for candidates who are reasonable, intelligent, cool-headed, moderate, and, most of all, able to support consensus across party lines.  I am looking for candidates for whom profits are not the highest cause because some things are worth giving up dollars for.  I am looking for people who are not out of touch with the working class and poverty-stricken.  I am looking for people who support MY highest causes: education, environment, and economy. 
Jim Rehder has my vote for Representative because his performance has shown that he values what I value. 
Dawn Kennedy-Haeder
Grangeville, ID 83530 

To the Editor:
Paul Shepherd has done a great job representing Dist 8, along with Lee Heinrich and Ken Roberts.  They have been a team that works well together.
Paul was instrumental in getting the Field Burning Issue resolved.  The real relief we got from the property tax reduction was very important to all property owners.  Paul was recently awarded the "Friend of Agriculture" award for a very good reason - he has always been open to helping solve problems we in agriculture face.
I attended the Grangeville Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum and saw first hand how Mr. Rehder repeatedly attacked Mr. Shepherd personally and distorted his record.  We have a very clear choice this Nov. 4:  We can keep a representative, who has a proven conservative record, or someone who is better qualified to represent Ada, Bannock or Nezperce Co.  Think about it!
Don DeArmond

Dear Editor, 
I am writing to encourage District 8 constituents to continue their support for Representative Paul Shepherd.  Paul is a consistent conservative and an important contributor to House decisions that affect Idaho families, especially in rural districts.
My Legislative District 35, and District 8 share the same problems related to wolf introduction.
Wolves are still an issue for rural Idaho and a pet project of mine in an effort to remove wolves by whatever means necessary.  I count Paul as an important ally in this effort.
Paul, as a member of the House Resource and Conservation Committee, votes with the majority of us to minimize restrictions on public land use.  He is a strong advocate of multiple use privileges for snowmobiles, four-wheelers,  off road vehicles and resource production.
Paul has a great wealth of knowledge from life and business experience.  His peers hold him in high regard and respect his opinions   He represents District 8 citizens well!  Thank you for your consideration of this very fine representative.
Lenore Hardy Barrett
State Representative 35B
Chairman, Local Government Committee

Dear Editor, 
Ken Roberts, working for others 
I am writing in response to Janie from Grangevilles untrue letter , calling Ken Roberts is a real estate developer.  Ken Roberts is a family farmer, who is trying to keep his century-old family farm in tact. In fact Ken has started a family construction company to save his family farm. 
Ken is a tireless worker, that is one of the reasons his peers voted him as the Majority Caucus Chair.  He does a very thorough  job of everything he puts his mind to. I am amazed at what he accomplishes in a day, including time to spend with his wife, daughters, and grandchild. 
Ken is a good Christian, who's knowledge of the Bible guides his life in how he treats others, to making sure every thing he does is the most ethical. 
This campaign season Ken has worked tirelessly for other people who are running for the legislature, rather than focusing on his own race. That is the unselfish man that he is.
You can be sure that he uses this same energy and integrity working on issues such lowering taxes and other important issues that affect your family.  Re-elect Ken Roberts. 
Clark Callear

Dear Editor, 
2nd Amendment Rights at stake
I am writing to urge you to vote. Never before have we had so many anti-gun candidates on the ballot.The NRA is calling OBAMA the most anti-gun candidate ever to run for office in our nations history. 
 John McCain, Jim Risch, Bill Sali, Ken Roberts, Paul Shepherd, and Lee Heinrich  have gotten the NRA's A+ rating, and endorsement because of their record of standing for this important freedom. 
 The NRA sends out a questionnaire asking where the candidates stand on our right to keep and bear arms.  Walt Minnick and Jim Rehder both scored a D rating. The other two democrats didn't even bother, calling our Second Amendment an non-important wedge issue.  Please vote, freedom is not free. 
Ben Curfman

Dear Editor, 
What the NRA  D and F  grades mean.
A  D grade from the NRA means that you are "An anti-gun candidate who has frequently voted for restrictive gun control legislation or made strong statements in opposition to Second Amendment rights, and regardless of public statements can definitely not be counted on in key votes." 
Walt Minnick and Jim Rehder both got a D, what does that say about their respect for our Constitutional Rights? 
Obama received an F, which means a "true enemy of gun owners’ rights. A vehement anti-gun candidate who always opposes gun owners’ rights and/or actively leads anti-gun legislative efforts, or sponsors anti-gun legislation."
Congressman Sali and State Representative Paul Shepherd got an A+ rating and were endorsed by the NRA. 
Don't forget to vote for freedom on Nov 4th. 
Ned Lougee

Dear Editor, 
Yes it is true that Jim Rehder has been raising a record amount of money. Much of this money has been coming from groups that want to limit access to our public lands like the League of Conservation Voters. They have sent notices all over the country asking their environmentalist friends to donate, saying Jim Rehder is a friend to those who want more wilderness, more wolves etc. 
Minnick is funded by similar groups only on a way bigger scale. He has stated many times in the past, before pretending to be a conservative democrat, that removing the dams is a must to saving fish.
Don't be fooled , and let these environmental wackos buy this election.  Vote to re-Elect Bill Sali, and Paul Shepherd. 
Claudia Lougee

Letter to the Editor 
I read Paul Shepherd’s Pro-Life ad in last week’s newspaper.  While perhaps a good political strategy, let’s look at Shepherd’s record on education and child health and safety to see how far Shepherd’s concern for our children extends.
Shepherd touts his membership on the Education and Health and Welfare Committees.  Yet he has consistently voted against or not supported the Child Health Insurance Program, early childhood education, or keeping sexual predators out of day care centers.  He opposed an effort to identify why Idaho has such a high child mortality rate.  He is even against enhanced enforcement of speeding laws in school zones.  He provided no support for Orofino’s struggle to deal with school safety issues, supporting instead the state’s right to take over school districts and have a judge impose property taxes without a vote of the people. Mr. Shepherd fails completely to understand that caring for our children extends well beyond the hospital birthing room.
To remedy the damage done by Mr. Shepherd’s dismal record, we can elect two-term Idaho County Commissioner Jim Rehder.  Jim is a member of the regional mental health and district health boards and served on the Idaho Children’s Trust Fund Board. He has been active with youth sports programs his entire adult life.  He lives a life of caring about all children at all stages of their development.  Our children need Jim Rehder in the Idaho State Legislature.
Tia Pomponio

To the editor:
Lee Heinrich is either not very smart or he thinks the voters of District 8 are even less so.  He recently told the Idaho County Free Press that "I will continue to review our tax exemptions to see how we can broaden our tax base to lower our taxes."  Heinrich refers here to the 118 exemptions from the current 6% sales tax.  He argues that if we eliminated some of those exemptions, we would raise more sales tax revenue.  What he fails to mention is that his number one priority for that increased revenue is to lower taxes on the largest of Idaho's corporations.  He has stated this priority publicly and repeatedly.  So Heinrich may want to use the additional revenue he seeks for lowering taxes, but not YOUR taxes. And who does he think will be paying the new sales tax on the formerly exempted goods?  The truthful answer, of course, is the people who now purchase those goods without paying sales tax on them--you and me.  So Heinrich wants to add items to the list of goods on which you and I pay sales tax (our taxes go UP) and give a $100 million tax break to big business.
We need to let our current state senator know we're too smart to buy his slight-of-hand deception.  Vote smart.  Vote for Randy Doman for District 8.
Charley Mosier

Letter to the Editor
I've never voted the party line.  There are always exceptional candidates in both parties.  This time I'm voting for Jim Rehder to serve as our District 8 legislative representative.  I'm sure the incumbent Paul Shepherd is a fine person; it's just that after careful consideration I think Rehder will work harder, devoting more time and effort to represent the interests of Idahoans.  His platform on education and children's well being is straightforward; he will strive to assure us that the next generation has the best possible chance for success. 
He has served as a county commissioner with distinction, demonstrating a untiring interest in saving money, improving services and getting the job done.
So I urge you to take a strong, hard look at these two candidates.  Forget the newly-coined buzz words, the talking heads and sound bites; are they liberal conservatives or conservative liberals?  Instead, try to reach into the candidates minds and vote for the hardest working thinker that will do the best job for all of us.
Carl Skyrman
Lucile, Idaho

Keep Paul Shepherd in the Idaho House of Representatives
My name is Lawrence Denney and I’m Speaker of the Idaho House of Representatives.  I’m writing this letter to thank the people of District 8 for voting for Paul Shepherd and sending him to Boise to be your representative to the Idaho Legislature.  I knew Paul Shepherd was something special when I first met him.  He has a quiet demeanor and strength of resolve to always do the right thing. 
Paul Shepherd is recognized by his colleagues as a man of character and integrity.  Paul Shepherd keeps his word.  If Paul Shepherd tells you something, you can take it to the bank, it’s good as gold.  That’s one of the reasons he is fast becoming an integral part of the House Resource and Conservation Committee.  Paul Shepherd will be the vice-Chairman of the House Resource and Conservation Committee beginning this session and will advance to be the Chairman soon after.  We need Paul Shepherd in the Idaho House of Representatives.  You need Paul Shepherd there as well.  His opponent in this election, as a member of the minority party, simply will not have the influence that Paul Shepherd has earned from his fellow legislators.  We trust Paul Shepherd. 
Because Legislative District 8 is a resource based District the House Resource, and Conservation Committee is very important to your community.  The leadership and strength Paul Shepherd brings to the Idaho House of Representatives and to the Education, and Health and Welfare Committees he works on are vital to your community as well. 
I’m asking you to vote for Paul Shepherd again to represent you in the Idaho House of Representatives.  We need Paul Shepherd to keep up the good work he has been doing since he first arrived.  You need Paul Shepherd to continue the rock solid leadership he has provided for your community in the Idaho Legislature.  Do the right thing on November 4 and re-elect Paul Shepherd for Idaho House of Representatives
Thank you,
Lawrence Denney
Speaker, Idaho House of Representatives 

Dear Editor, 
 The incident with the cement truck is precisely why our Representative Paul Shepherd is so valuable to Idaho. 
 Yes, he did support the idea of inspecting cement trucks to make sure they are safe.   But not if the inspections would create more problems, and more safety issues. He tried to get the bill amended so that the trucks would be inspected on the yard, he could not support the fact inspections would be done randomly maybe even in the middle of a pour. He is still working to get it that bill amended. 
 It is common sense that it is the 2nd truck load of cement that is so crucial. If that truck were to be held up, there could develop a "cold joint" where the cement would not blend, which would spoil the quality and strength of the concrete job, on the house, or project you, or your contractor might be working on. 
Government engineers reject any concrete that has been batching for over 90 minutes. It is already a long distance to travel in these rural counties without stopping a truck in the middle of a pour, which would hold the truck up another 45 minutes at least. Trucks need to be on schedule in order to get a quality job on a slab, or flatwork. This is a matter of safety to have strong footings or basement walls. 
This is the kind of common sense real life on the job experience Paul Shepherd brings to the legislature.  He doesn't want to pass a bill just to say he has passed a bill, especially if the bill creates more problems than it fixes. 
Dave Thorton
Pierce, Idaho

To the editor
If you think we need more wilderness in Idaho and if you are opposed to most timber management in the state and if you think we need more more wolves then you must agree with the Idaho Conservation League and the person they have endorsed  for state representative Jim Rehder.  However if you think wolves need to  be managed to protect the elk herds and you would like to see proper timber management to help fund our educational system and if you do not want more wilderness in the state vote for Paul Shepherd.  Paul Shepherd believes in managing our natural resources and not locking them up.  Paul Shepherd believes in controlling the wolf population to protect Idaho elk herds.  This November vote to re-elect Paul Shepherd for State Representative for common sense natural resource leadership.
Rick Dollemore 
Lewiston, Idaho

Dear Editor 
No place in the United States has felt the heavy hand of the envrionmental policies put forth by Democratic politicians like Clearwater County in Idaho.  Our timber industry is a shell of what it formerly was.  Our schools operate on a 4 day week due in a large part to the lack of timber dollars coming from the National Forests.  Not only has the forest industry been adversley effected by these policies but now our wildlife is suffering as well.  Elk in particular.  Idaho which once had the largest elk herds in the nation has seen the numbers dwindle by some 10,000 in the past few years.  Logging used to supply a needed food source for the elk herds.  At the same time this was happening environmentalists and their Democratic allies in congress forced the introduction of wolves into Idaho.  A strong proponent of wolves and logging curtailment has been the Idaho Conservation League.  This year they have thrown their support for Idaho State Representative behind Jim Rehder.  You can be judged by the company you keep.  Because he has the support of this radical group it must mean Rehder is in favor of less timber harvesting and that he supports wolves over elk.  Paul Shepherd on the other hand has a proven record of supporting the timber industry and working to get wolves out of Idaho.  Vote to re-elect Paul Shepherd for the Idaho House of Representatives this November.
 Ruby Curfman
Orofino , Idaho

Dear Editor, 
Obama wants to prosecute people who use guns for self defense in the home, impose a 500% tax on guns and ammunition, expand gun and ammunition bans , pass federal laws eliminating right to carry laws. He has a 10 point plan to change the 2nd amendment to the constitution. Check web site www.gunbanobama.com.   This is fact based by the NRA in its 122nd year of publication. 
Jim Risch, Bill Sali, Lee Heinrich, Paul Shepherd and Ken Roberts have endorsed with an A rating by the NRA. 
Jim Rehder, and Minnich have D ratings, Doman and Adams have a question mark, they did not think it worthy to respond to the NRA. 
Please think about the consequences of this attitude about our 2nd amendment right to keep and bare arms. Not my choice of representative 
Joseph Curfman 
Orofino, Idaho

To The Editor; 
Both the Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae were created by Democrat administrations. The concepts of the federal government interfering in the mortgage market has been flawed the inception of these organizations.  Then the Carter administration created the Community Reinvestment Act.  The Clinton administration added to this flawed policy which in essence strong armed lending institutions into lending to people that did not meet favorable loan requirements.  Several years ago the flaws in these policies began to appear.  Banks warned congress of the impending financial problems as early as 1999.  In 2003 Greg Mankiw chairman of President Bush’s Council of Economic Advisors warned about weakened underwriting standards caused by the Community Reinvestment Act..  However he was rebuffed by Congress .  The Wall Street Journal quoted Democratic Congressman Barney Frank as saying, “Greg is more worried about the tiny little matter of safety and soundness rather than concern about housing.”  The mortgage meltdown was caused and perpetrated by Democratic policies.  Democrats got us into this mess so don’t reward them at the polls this fall.  Vote Bill Sali for the House and Jim Risch for the Senate.
Amanda Cummings
Lewiston, Idaho 

Dear Editor
I noticed that Jim Rehder had been getting a thousands $$ from the "League of Conservation voters", the AFL-CIO, and other liberal groups, so I wrote to the league of Conservation Voters, a wolf loving group that pushes a radical enviro-wacko agenda. I did not mention any candidate, or even where I live. Within miniutes I had an email asking me to donate to their candidate, Jim Rehder.
Evidently he is the champion of their enviro-wacko ideas.
If you want sensible land use policies Representive Paul Shepherd has lived and made his living from the rich resources rural Idaho has to offer his entire life. He loves and wants to take care of it.  He has fought consistently to keep wolves out of Idaho.
Please re-elect Paul Shepherd.
L Durfee 
Ahsahka, Idaho 

Dear Editor,
District 8 is fortunate to be represented by a true hard working American.  In Paul Shepherd’s lifetime he has been involved in the trucking, restaurant, motel, logging, mining, construction, and sawmilling ventures.  He’s been a school board member.  He has daughters who are certified teachers.  He knows Idaho educators need better compensation. He also realizes the burden on tax payers is already extremely high.  He understands the state budget can barely afford to fund the current educational system. His opponent on the other hand, has made it quite clear he won’t hesitate to spend your tax dollars to start countless new education programs the state cannot afford. 
Don’t be fooled by a fast talking politician who’s just trying to get your vote.  Just like Rehder’s claim he secured money for schools and roads with Craig-Wyden funding.  Does he really think voters in District 8 are stupid enough to believe this claim?  What did he do?  Did he pick up the phone and call President Bush and tell him to sign the $800 billion bailout plan so we could have pot holes fixed in Idaho County?  This is just another maneuver by someone who is pro-government and trained in the tactics of how to manipulate voters.
Let’s keep a good man in office who has proven he will act in the best interests of District 8 voters.  Shepherd is a hard-working, conservative Republican and will continue to work hard to keep Idaho a great state.  Vote Paul Shepherd on November 4.
Charlie Shepherd

Letter to the Editor 
It is getting closer to Election Day, and I have never been so excited about politics.  While there are many qualified candidates running, one in particular stands out in my mind.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Rehder this past summer while he was visiting citizens in my neighborhood.  In my front yard, Jim and I discussed issues such as education, the environment, and health care.  Jim’s experience as two-term Idaho County Commissioner, a member of the regional mental health and district health boards as well as time serving on the Idaho Children’s Trust Fund Board gives me the confidence that he is truly the best candidate to represent our community in the Idaho State Legislature. 
As an educator and mother of two children, my confidence lies with Jim Rehder, fellow parent and teacher.  Jim believes the legislature should support early childhood education and adequately fund K-12 public schools as well as ensure high quality public colleges and universities.  Our future lies in the hands of our children.  High education standards are a necessity. 
As founder of Greener Clearwater County, I am confident that Jim Rehder, a supporter of recycling, clean air, water and soil, will do the best job in representing our desires to preserve Idaho’s beautiful natural environment.  Parties aside, when you cast your vote on Election Day, remember the name Jim Rehder, parent, educator, hard working citizen and the best candidate for District 8.
Amanda Tucker

There are only 14 words in our Constitution that actually give “We the People” the power to defend the Constitution and our rights set forth in those first 10 amendments.  Those words are, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”  Over the last several years it has become very clear that the socialistic wing of the Democrat Party will do everything in their power to remove your right to keep and bear arms.  When we lose that constitutional right we will be the criminals, and socialist government will be the master that will spread the remaining portion of your wealth around.  Last summer our supreme court voted 5 to 4 against a law these socialist democrats have put in place that denied the right of the people to keep and bear arms.  The Supreme Court said the 2nd amendment is an individual right of the people.  This is the most critical issue of this election.  If Barack Obama is elected he will be able to change the make up of the Supreme Court and reverse that decision.  I ask you to please study this issue, the Constitution and then compare the Republican and Democrat party platforms.  I think you will come to the same conclusion as I have.  Vote Republican top to bottom on Nov. 4th to keep our 2nd amendment rights.  This is our only right that gives, “We the People” the power to protect all of our other rights.
John Solberg

Bill Sali, Idaho’s 1st District Congressman is a strong conservative and a man I consider to be my friend.  Bill served in the Idaho legislature for 16 years and during that time he was a consistent vote for smaller government and principled Idaho values.  He believes, like I do, that the person to best manage your money is you.  He believes in local control of education.  He fundamentally believes that having too much government is the problem, not the solution.  Since we elected him to Congress in 2006, Sali has received numerous awards and endorsements by watchdog groups touting his pro-freedom voting record.  Bill has been endorsed by the NRA, National Federation of Independent Businesses, the US Chamber of Commerce and most recently Citizens Against Government Waste, just to name a few.  In Washington he has earned titles such as the “Hero of the Taxpayer,” and “Guardian of Seniors’ Rights.”  He really has our best interests at heart and I hope you all will join me in voting for Bill on Election Day.
Brent Crane
State Representative Dist. 13

I see where State Rep. Paul Shepherd is taking some heat by those who don’t think he is sponsoring enough bills-as if success of a legislator hinges on the number of bills sponsored.  If Paul were your typical politician, he’d make sure his stamp would go on the hundreds and thousands of bills that go through the Legislature.  But Paul is not your typical politician.  In his eyes, we have enough bills and laws.  He’s far more interested in making the laws we have work.  Paul stands for everything I want from a legislator-fiscal responsibility, a sound tax policy, a strong education policy, sensible land-use policies, a health and welfare system that helps those who truly need it and protection for the unborn.  I’m not looking for more bills; I want my State Representative to stand on principles and reflect the values of his constituents.  That’s why I am voting for Paul Shepherd on November 4.
T.J. Bruce 

Paul Shepherd understands the importance of implementing a multiple-use management style for Idaho’s public lands.  He knows the importance of providing access to natural resources such as timber, as he has struggled in is logging and log home business to gain access to public lands.  On the other hand, Paul knows that the land must be carefully managed for a healthy forest, clean water, and clean air.  A healthy environment is necessary in order to maintain a vibrant outdoor recreation industry.  Paul relied on the recreation industry to maintain a viable business in Riggins when he owned both the motel and restaurant.  Paul is a hunter, fisherman and outdoorsman.  He values clean water, healthy forests and adequate wildlife habitat.  Paul Shepherd is a great state legislator and we are very lucky to have such a good man to represent us.
Lawrence M. Beasley

I appreciate how Representative Paul Shepherd has represented us.  He always listens to other opinions, and considers all of the factors before making decisions that affect the people in District 8.  He isn’t trying to make a name for himself, he truly represents all of us regular folks.  He is never to busy to visit with his constituents no matter whether they are Republicans or Democrats, and is always ready to help any in need.  He is neither a career politician nor an ideologue.  He is simply a man who wants to do his part to perpetuate Idaho’s greatness.  With your help he can continue to do that.
Morris Hardman

I wasn’t a huge fan of Representative Sali when he was first elected in 2006, and I was never sold on him as a legislator during the 16 years he was a state representative.  However, Bill Sali’s solid stance against the Wall Street bailout vote sold me on him as a Congressman.  I am a State Senator and as such I understand what it is like to make a tough vote: there are outside groups who pounce on you no matter your stand.  I am proud that congressman Sali had the courage to make the right decision on those two votes.  I also believe that he did the right thing in proposing and advocating alternatives which do not use tax payer money to pay for the mistakes of wayward corporations.  I think that the situation in the economy is one which requires government involvement – however, nationalizing banks and using tax payer money is the wrong way.  Government needs to be a mediator and we need to use responsible conservative ideals in order to help the economy grow our way out of this recession.  Please join me in supporting Congressman Sali on Election Day- his record is what we need in Idaho.
State Senator Tim Corder
Mountain Home

I am a small businessman and the owner of Solutions Landscape Inc. a landscaping contracting firm.  In 2003 my company did some work for Petal Pushers, nursery located in Meridian.  My company was awarded a bid which made us responsible for watering, mowing, pruning, fertilizing and weeding this company’s property.  The unfortunate part of any contracting business is that upon occasion, you are not paid for the work you perform.  As a Christian, I believe in forgiveness and turning the other cheek and simply wrote off this loss as part of the cost of doing business.  Recently, 1st District congressional hopeful Walt Minnick began running attack ads against his opponent.  These ads accused Minnick’s opponent of failing to pays his bills and of accruing a great deal of debt from his last campaign.  The ad was distasteful and went against the graciousness the Apostle Paul taught us to hold true in our day to day lives.  I am a businessman, not a politician.  I don’t know Walt Minnick or his opponent on a personal level.  What I do know is that Walt Minnick owned Petal Pushers.  Walt Minnick was my regular point of contact in our business interactions.  Walt Minnick, like most businessmen have had failed businesses- they have debt and sometimes don’t pay their bills.  It is morally unconscionable to stand aside and let one man tarnish the reputation of another when the accuser, Walt Minnick, is behaving like a hypocrite.
Pat King

Shepherd- Conservative, Consistent, Character
Paul Shepherd is the kind of man who has proven him self as voice and servant to the constituents of District 8. This past legislative session I lobbied for the Idaho Farm Bureau at the State House. At every interaction I was impressed with the depth of character and humble nature of Representative Shepherd. It was evident that he carried the concerns of those whom he represented with a great weight and mantle. At no point in my experience did he act contrary to his principles, or compromise the beliefs and ideals of District 8. When voting Representative Shepherd measures all bills and issues on how they would affect District 8 and rural Idaho. In his Legislative career he has consistently sided with the timber and agriculture industries for their protection and advancement.  Representative Shepherd is a key component in the Idaho Legislature. 4 years ago we first offered our support to Mr. Shepherd, to not do the same now would be a mistake. Among his colleagues he is regarded as an anchor, to us he is a friend, servant and neighbor. Vote Paul Shepherd for District 8B. 
Cory Smith

I didn’t vote for Bill Sali in the 2006 election cycle, but I admire his stance against the bailout of Wall Street.  The idea of voting to spend our hard earned money on the big investment banks, mortgage companies, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, etc, is absurd.  It would be a colossal mistake to bail these companies out-we should just let them fail as we would fail if we made bad business decisions here in Idaho.  When the Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson came to Congress and tried to sell his bailout-Rep. Sali balked.  He was on Fox News, 630 AM and other shows spreading the word that the plan was suspicious and that he would not vote to throw taxpayer money away.  He stood up for Idahoans on this issue-and while I don’t agree with him on a whole lot, I appreciate this stand for us.  He is absolutely right to be questioning the Bush Administration plan.  Keep up the good work, Bill!
Daniel Kern

Walt Minnick may sound like a conservative in all those commercials he’s been running for the past month and a half, but we all know that he will be obliged to vote in lock-step with all the other Democrats in Congress.  So no matter what he says, he says, he will vote for more government, more taxes, he will vote for unrestricted abortion and same sex marriage, he will vote against conservative judges and against success in Iraq [can you say Joe Lieberman?].  However, while his lip service to our conservative values and beliefs insults my intelligence, I do appreciate him pointing out Bill Sali’s financial struggles.  It confirms to me that Bill did not go to Congress to get rich, as it seems many have, but to actually serve his constituency and his country by seeking to preserve the freedom and opportunity that made America great, and oppose those that scoff our constitution and our faith.
Fortunately for America, Mr. Minnick, you can’t fool all the people all the time.
Curtis Young 

Congratulations!!! You made it through all of them. 

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