City Council meets
The Cottonwood City Council met Tuesday, October 14.
Patrick and Marietta Holman of Walco were present to discuss the bid process for the sanitation contract and a possible 1-year contract with the City, dropping the requested increase to 10% and possibly less if a 2-year contract is negotiated.
Jack Duman read the speed limit recommendation from Terry Cochran based on the latest traffic study. After discussion city attorney Joe Wright was directed to work on a draft ordinance for the speed limit in the city, setting it a 25 mph except where already established for school zones.
Jack Duman also reported on the sidewalk/storm drain problem on King St. between Rob Stinson’s property and Camas Prairie Insurance. Discussion followed on how to repair it. The city crew will look more into the problem and possible repairs.
City park water usage was discussed. City clerk Carol Altman said a recalculation of water usage since 2001 has been made since a gallon meter was being calculated as a cubic foot meter. Water commissioner Jay Hinterlong made a motion to do a 5-year repayment of the overcharge from the water fund to the park fund beginning FY 09. The motion carried.
Jack Duman reported on the condition of the railroad property and suggested the city make an offer to maintain the weeds if the city can lease the land above the maintenance shop in exchange.
In reports Hinterlong reported that the city pumped 5.1 million gallons in September and sold 4.9 million for a 3% loss rate.
Sewer commissioner Ron Grant reported the seepage test on the lagoons is complete and the city passed with actual results of .13” to .17”. Recommendation is for less than .25” per day. He also reported that irrigating of the agriforest will stop at the end of the month. Discussion on tree harvest was held.
Street commissioner Jack Duman reported the city crew has been helping with the mag chloride site work with the city’s portion being the entrances and culverts. The site will possibly be set up for hydrant sales of water. 
Also discussed were the railroad dismantle, crossings, the drainage problems on Bash Street, grading of streets and purchase of a 1-ton dually truck for snow plowing.
Lands and buildings commissioner Shelli Schumacher reported that the Horizon Committee met with the architect for the hall improvements. The Horizon Group also sponsored a Movies on the Wall event in the Hall on Sunday, October 19th.
Fire commissioner Ron Grant reported there were no fire calls for September. The department will be working with the schools on fire prevention.
The council adjourned at 9:35 p.m. The next council meeting will be Monday, November 10 at 7 p.m.

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