New speed zone ordinance passed
A new speed zone ordinance was passed at the Cottonwood City Council meeting Monday, Nov. 10.
The ordinance sets all speed limits in town at 25 miles per hour. Exceptions are the school zones already designated as 15 mph and streets regulated by the state.
There was discussion about setting some other streets near the school to 15 mph but any such action was put off to a later time.
The architect’s proposal came in on the hall renovation and cost looks to be $14,000. There was discussion as to who would pay that as the grant being sought by the Horizons group wouldn’t pay for initial plans.
Regarding the block grant sought, the income survey was to start Tuesday. Shelli Schumacher said she and a couple others from the Horizons group would be going door-to-door to the randomly selected addresses given them by CEDA. This will determine if the city is even eligible for the grant.
A request was approved for the Disability Action Center to use the hall for a meeting Nov. 18. This will be an Americorps meeting to look into the possibility of rural area public transportation.
Schumacher also reported there have been concerns from citizens and business about a company that did driveway and parking lot sealcoating last summer. Apparently work done was either low quality or not what was expected. City attorney Joe Wright said the thing to do is contact the Idaho Attorney General’s office, Consumer Protection Division. Their website is or you can reach them by phone (208) 334-2424 or Toll Free in Idaho at
The sanitation contract was discussed. Wright has a draft made that they will present to Walco. He left the term of the contract blank as they want to see if everything else is agreeable before discussing length of the contract.
In reports, Jay Hinterlong reported they pumped 3.6 million gallons of water last month and sold 3.2 million for a loss of 11.5%. Some of this may have been due to some problems with some meters. No major problems were being reported.
In the sewer report Ron Grant said they have an engineer looking into some problems with the sewer lagoons and agriforest. They also scoped the lines going from the southeast end of town out to the lagoons. Roy Uhlenkott reported finding a manhole they were previously unaware of.
In the streets report Jack Duman said he is gathering information for some grant applications. They have also been doing some work on drainage problems. 
In the fire department report Grant said they had no fires in the past month but had one extrication call this past weekend. The department has also visited the Elementary and Middle Schools to give fire prevention programs.
The council adjourned at 8:15 p.m. The next regular meeting will be Monday Dec. 8 at 7 p.m.

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