Idaho County voters favor Republicans
In last Tuesday’s general election Idaho County voters solidly favored the Republican candidates in all contested races.
In the presidential race 5,895 voters favored the Republican McCain/Palin ticket while 1,935 voted for Obama/Biden. An additional 299 votes went to various third party candidates. Obama won nationally garnering 53% of the popular vote and a 364-174 margin in electoral votes.
In the race for U.S. Congressman 4,645 Idaho County voters favored incumbent Republican Bill Sali with 3,357 voting for Democratic challenger Walt Minnick. Minnick won the race statewide with 50.6% of the vote.
For U.S. Senator 5,425 Idaho County voters went for Republican Jim Risch while 2,206 went for Democrat Larry LaRocco. Another 477 voters supported third party candidates. Risch also won the statewide election by a solid margin.
In the District 8 races incumbent Republican Lee Heinrich polled 5,359 votes in Idaho County to 2,647 for Democratic challenger Randy Doman for state senator. Heinrich also won districtwide with 64% of the vote. For State Representative Position A, Republican Ken Roberts polled 5,097 votes to 2,892 for Democratic challenger Richard Adams in Idaho County. Roberts also won districtwide with 63% of the vote. For Position B, Republican incumbent Paul Shepherd polled 5,069 votes in Idaho County to 3,030 for Democratic challenger Jim Rehder. Shepherd won district-wide with 61% of the vote.
In the county races Skip Brandt ran unopposed for 1st District County Commissioner and received 6,151 votes. For 2nd District County Commissioner Republican James Rockwell received 5,815 votes to 2005 for Democrat Shelley Dumas.
Republican Doug Giddings won the race for Sheriff with 4,067 votes. Democrat Carlos Martinez received 3,226 votes and write-in Herb Lindsey received 532 votes.
Republican Kirk MacGregor was unopposed for Idaho County Prosecuting Attorney and received 6,721 votes.

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