Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

It was such a pleasure to read an intelligent, well written letter to the editor by Jeremy Ostrander (Oct. 8th, 2008)
The voice of the American people has spoken.  We will soon have a new President Barack Obama.  It is time for all of us to accept and support our new leader regardless of political party or the color of our skin.
It is my opinion that Hilda Nuttman and Lee Huntley both graduated from the same school.  Obviously my friend is right, the one thing that cannot be fixed is STUPID.
MaryLou Uptmor

Letter to the Editor,
WOW! What a great ride! It is still hard to believe that were are STATE CHAMPS – an incredible finish to an unbelievable year. We are also amazed by the unbelievable support of this community and the unbelievable crowd on Friday night at the Kibbie Dome. What an atmosphere – one the coaches and players will never forget.
About five or six years ago, one of us on the staff wrote a letter to the editor urging kids to just play football; as the number of players was significantly decreased. Also, in that letter a statement was made about how a winning football program could “galvanize” a community. We all now believe that was a gross understatement! The great crowds we’ve had all year, the encouraging words for both the players and coaches from people in the community, the makeshift downtown parades before the games in Moscow, and the undeniable joy on people’s faces as they came down to the field on Friday night after the game are just a few of the examples of this community’s support for our football program. This truly is a championship to be shared by the whole community.
We also know as a staff that not everyone has agreed with all of our decisions and we haven’t always made everyone happy. Yet, we appreciate the fact that these issues never became a major conflict as we tried as a team to reach a common goal. We always tried to make what we thought was a the right decision and would benefit “the team.” Believe us, we would like to play all 34 or 35 guys every minute of every game – but this is not reality. But what is reality is that in the game of football, all 34 or 35 guys are ultimately of equal importance. Oh sure, on Friday nights the focus turns to 15 or 16 guys; and, sometimes unfortunately, they receive all the criticism or accolades – whatever the case may be. However, as anyone who has played a team sport should know, Friday night is only a small part of the big picture of what being a team is all about. We don’t accomplish what we have accomplished without player 1 through player 34 executing their role as a team member. We truly believe every player that wore the black jersey on Friday night is important and a vital part of a very special team.
Finally, we as a staff want you to know that we know it’s all about the kids. We do truly work very hard as a staff and we genuinely care about the kids. Heck, we are even willing to sacrifice our hair! But don’t give us more credit than we deserve. We know it is the players and not the plays.  Or that is the kids executing the schemes and not truly the schemes we devise that make the difference. We feel truly blessed to be able to work with a great bunch of kids and to be part of such a historic team! Once again, thanks for all of your support and really celebrate and enjoy this championship with the Prairie High Football Team.
Coach Mader
Coach Hasselstrom
Coach Sigler
Coach Bruner 

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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