Monastery celebrates 100th anniversary
From August 2008 until August 2009, the sisters of the Monastery of St. Gertrude are celebrating 100 years “at home” in Idaho. During the year and as a monthly feature, the Historical Museum at St. Gertrude will be contributing a feature article entitled “100 Years Ago This Month” for the Cottonwood Chronicle.  We hope you enjoy this historical venture.  We welcome your comments.
100 Years Ago This Month – December, 1908
(Compiled by Sister Bernice Wessels, O.S.B.)
Local News of the Benedictine Sisters
(The following news items are from The Echo of St. Gertrude’s)
Mr. John Uhlenkott ordered a large bell to be used in the new chapel.  However, it arrived a week before the foundation of the chapel was even begun.  It was blessed by Rev. Father Berthold on December 19 and was named in honor of the Sacred Heart. It was placed on the front porch of the convent where it stayed until the following June when it was raised and placed in the tower. Later, a second smaller bell, donated by the Joseph Uhlenkott family was placed beside the Sacred Heart bell and became known as St. Joseph’s bell.
The Reiland Brothers of Uniontown were the carpenters for the building of the chapel.
Other Local News
(The following news events are from the Camas Prairie Chronicle)
F.S. Wimer, Editor and Proprietor
A delegation of Northern Pacific Railroad officials made an inspection of the Prairie line prior to its being turned over to the traffic department.  They stated that a regular train schedule would be in force about Wednesday, December 9.
E.L. Wilson, the new depot agent, arrived here to take charge of the station at this point.
Tune, the former Chinese laundryman, has started a new laundry back of the city jail. The building is located on a lot recently purchased by Ferdinand Goebel.
Doctor King, the Spokane optician, was in town Wednesday and Thursday on his regular visit.
Miss Eunice Turner has sufficiently recovered from her recent bout with diphtheria to be able to resume her duties at the post office.
The local high school debating team went to Grangeville.  The Cottonwood team was defeated.  The vote was two to one in favor of Grangeville.
The passenger traffic over the Prairie [rail]road has become so heavy that another coach has been added.  The train now consists of engine, baggage car and three passenger coaches.
National and International News
Child Emperor Pu Yi ascends the Chinese throne at the age of two years and ten months.  He was the last imperial emperor of China.
A 7 Richter scale earthquake destroys Messina, Sicily.  It created a tidal wave (tsunami) killing from 70,000-100,000 people in the worst quake ever recorded in Europe.
British suffragettes begin a campaign for female suffrage.
The Children’s Encyclopedia is first published.
The Child Labor Act of Ontario,[Canada[ is passed.
The Supreme Court hands down prison sentences December 3 to American Federation of Labor (AFL) officers Samuel Gompers, John Mitchell, and Frank Morrison for violating an injunction against a boycott of Buck's Stove and Range Co.
J. C. Penney buys out T. M. Callahan's interest in two western stores and begins a chain that will have 22 stores by 1911 with headquarters at Salt Lake City). By the time Penney moves to New York in 1913 he will have 48 stores; by 1916 he will have he will have 127. 
Continental Oil has its beginnings in the new state of Oklahoma, where Pittsburgh lawyer and gambler Ernest W. (Whitworth) Marland, 34, strikes oil on Ponca tribal lands.
Having noticed a geologic outcropping in a Ponca cemetery, he has received help from rancher George L. Miller to obtain drilling rights in the cemetery and on surrounding leased lands.
Texas prizefighter Jack Johnson, 30, wins the world heavyweight title December 25 by knocking out Tommy Burns in the 14th round of a championship bout at Sydney, Australia. Johnson is the first black titleholder.   
Leopold II of the Belgians dies at Laeken December 17 at age 74 after a reign of nearly 41 years in which he has exploited the Congo, and amassed great wealth at the expense of the Africans, 
The former Oglala Sioux leader Red Cloud (Mahpiua Luta) died at the Pine Ridge, South Dakota, reservation December 10 at age 87.
Wall Street's Dow Jones Industrial Average closes December 30 at 86.15, up from 58.75 at the end of 1907.
December Birthdays
Alfred Hershey -  American bacteriologist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.  
Willard Libby – American chemist Nobel Prize laureate        
Sol Carter – American baseball player
Simon Wiesenthal – Austrian Nazi hunter  
Morey Amsterdam – actor and comedian  

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