Letters to Santa Claus
First Grade Santa Letters ~ Cindy Schumacherís Class
(Wonderfully written; phonetically spelled letters)
Dear Santa,
Haw dow yor ran deer fliy?  Ar they just majickl?  I bet yor ran deer ar cool.  I wish I cud rid yor sled.  I hope you hav a hapy holaday.  Haw do you stay worm in the northpole?  Do you wr mitins and a scarf and hat with a coat?  I bet you do.  I wont a singr soen macheyn.
Love, Anna Kaschmitter
Dear Santa,
Whar do u get yor toys?  How do u get down the chimne?  May I ples hav a truk I can drive?  Thank u.  
Love, Lane Remacle
Dear Santa,
How do you mac the toys?  How do you dlever oll of the toys?  What kind of cooces do you like?  Dus Rodoff rele hav a shine nos?  I will hav cooces for you.  Can I hav a playstation?  I will like a PS2 to pla with.  I wod olso like a tran track to play with.  Thank you.
Love, Sam Mager
Dear Santa,
How do you ceep the bag frum foleeng off the sled?  I woud like a lot of toys frum you.  We hav a good snack for you.  Have a good flyít.  I woud like sum more toys.  I hop you hav a happee Crismis.
Love, Reid Uptmor
Dear Santa,
How many cookes do you eat?  I like your rane deer.  But how do they fly?  I love you Santa.  Can I plese have sum dolls.  Thank you
Santa.  Can I plese have anything and I want you to have a good Marey CristMas.  And I want a Wii.
Love, Sierra Wright
Dear Santa,
How do you duliver all those toys in one night?  How do your Raindeer Fly?  How do your Elfs make all those toys?  I want a bike and a toy truck and cars.  Ninja turtles, a jeep, and a remot controlled car.  I wish you a mary Chrismas.
Love, Jared Nopens
Dear Santa,
Haw dus your sled fliy and haw dus your helpers mak toys?  How dus your mom mak cookis?  I wish I cod hav a Bras Lidl Anjels.
How dus your Randers fly?  I will git you a present for you and I wish I cud hav a Littlest Petshop stuff.  Merry Chrismas!
Love, Brooklyn Riener
Dear Santa,
Santa how do your reindeer fly?  How do you make toys and how do you fly urownd in one night?  Santa can I have a bell?  I love you Santa and hop you have a good Christmas.  Santa can I have a bear for Christmas and a gun ship and ten dollars.  How do you make toys in one year?  How mane cooki do you eat.  Can you give me a dog and a new lunch box?
Love, Hayden Uhlenkott
Dear Santa,
How do you make toys?  How do you delivr toys in one Nitte?  How can you see us Santa?  How do randeer fli?  How mene Elf
Do you have?  I will let you gev me enething that you will lic.  Enething.  I love you and Mes. Clos.  I hop you have a very good Christmas.
Love, Sarah-Paige Bahlman
Dear Santa,
Haw do yor elfs mac toes in wunter?  Haw do you go down peoples chimnes wen they donít hav wun.  Haw do yor rander fli?  Haw dus Misis Cloz bake cookies so big?  Wut do you do aftr you git home?  Santa, wut do you want for Chrismas?  You can bring wot you want to bring.  Hav a good time.
Love, Jacey Rambo
Dear Santa,
How do you ceep going to all of the Houses and not get tired?  Dus Rudolf nose actle glo?  Whats your favrit food?  Dear Santa, can I ples hav a modrsicycl?  How much Randeer do you hav?
Love, Owen Anderson
Dear Santa,
How doo you mack toys?  Can I have a plastashin2, a game boy, and a plastashin one, and a Wii and I wood lik to have a trane.  How do you mack Randeer fli?  Can I hav a sleeng shot?  Can I have a monstr truk?  Can I have anything I like?  Can I hav a footbal?
How doo you mack the Randeer fli?  Dus Rutof rile hav a red nos?  How doo you mack coocees?  Meree Chrismis.
Love, Derik Shears
Dear Santa,
How do your Reindeer fly?  How do you giv 100 Presints in one nite?  And Marri Christmas and how dus your Elf help you?  I want a Nintendos.  And can you git enythang for me?  How do your Mom mac cookies?  Merry Chrismis.
Love, Nakonia Nuttman
Dear Santa,
How do you cume down awr Chimny haus?  Can I get a ride with you on your sla?  Hao can yor rander fly?  Hao can yor sla fly?  I wunt a B-B gun.  Can Misis Klos make us a lot uv coocees for you.  Hao can you cary a big bag?  Haw does your sla fly?  Your rander can pull the sla.  I wunt an X-Box.  I wish that you hav a hapy Crismis.  I hop you lik my coocees.  I lik wen you cume down awr haus.  You are nis Santa.  I wunt a DS.
Love, Garrik Conley
Dear Santa,
Haw do your rander fly?  How do you caree your presents?  Haw do your Elfs make toys?  Haw do your Elf help you git up so you can go up?  Santa, I went a Wii for Crismis and an X-Box and a drt bike and a new morcigal for Crismis.  I went a Bice.  I wil giv you sum milk and cookes.  
Love, Damian Forsmann
Dear Santa,
How do you macke the toys?  And how do your Randeers fli?  And how do your mom macke coockees?  And how do you dlivr evree budees toys in one nitte?  I wunt a polleepocit for Crismis and a project for Crismis and a pink bare.  Maree Crismis, Santa.
Love, Ciara Chaffee
Dear Santa,
How do you keep flying?  Do you mac the toys?  Are the Raendeer alwys hungree?  How duz Rufolfhs Noez gloe in the darc nite?  How do you dlivr the Prezents?  Is it hard to dlivr the Przents in the nite?  How do you no wich hows to dliver the Przents to.  And Santa do you rile mac the toys?  How duz your helpr mack ol of the toys?  Santa, I wunt a GeoTrax set for Cristmis.  Wut will you git me?  Santa, I wil git you a Prezent.  Thanc you for all uf the Prezents and the Geotrax sets.
Love, Carson Forsman


Dear Santa
I will leave some cookies.  Please bring. Me. Girl. Legos. With a tower. People. And a horse
Love. Claira

Dear Santa
How do your elves make the toys I would like moon sand.  
Love Cole

Dear Santa
How is the North Pole?
I want a real Puppy.

Dear Santa
I want a remote control car How are you reindeer?
Love Tony

Dear Santa,
I want a remote car How is Rudolph?

Dear Santa
I would like a remote control car what does the North pole look like?
Love Lane

Dear Santa
How is Zowie?
I want horses with wings Thank You!

Dear Santa
How do you make all the Toys?  I Would like a remote control helicopter.
Love Matthew

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