Coloring Contest winners named
Grand prize winners in the annual Cottonwood Merchantsí Christmas Coloring Contest are Cole Schlader, under 6 age group with an entry at U.S. Bank; Samantha Riener, 6-8 year old age group with an entry at Wells Fargo Bank and Chaye Uptmor, 9-12 year old age group with an entry at Gem Builders Supply.
Each won $10 from the Cottonwood Chronicle.From left are Cole Schlader, Samantha Riener and Chaye Uptmor.
Some of the individual stores also had prizes for their age group winners and will be contacting them about their prizes.
Individual store winners are listed oldest age group winner to youngest:
US Bank-Mikayla Riener, Devin Ross and Cole Schlader.
Fredís Body Shop-Mikayla Riener, Samantha Riener, Sierra Wright.
Primeland Farm Store-Chaye Uptmor, Samantha Riener, Leann Lightfield.
Hometown  Auto & Ag-Terran Vanator, Samantha Riener, Leann Lightfield.
Cottonwood Foods-Mikayla Riener, Sierra Wright, Tara Schlader.
St. Maryís Hospital-Talyss Lustig, Sierra Wright, Dalton Ross.
Wells Fargo Bank-Kylie Tidwell, Samantha Riener and Cole Schlader.
Central Idaho Agency-Alexis Shears, Samantha Riener, Tara Schlader
Gem Builders Supply-Chaye Uptmor, Sierra Wright, Tara Schlader.
Seubertís Insurance-Chaye Uptmor, Wyatt Ross.
A-1 Flowers & Gifts-Chaye Uptmor, Delaney Uhlenkott, Leann Lightfield.
Nuxoll Shell Service-Chaye Uptmor, Delaney Uhlenkott, Wyatt Ross.
Arnzen Super Drug-Mikayla Riener, Delaney Uhlenkott, Tara Schlader.
Camas Prairie Insurance-Mikayla Riener, Samantha Riener, Tara Schlader.
Schlader Photography-Mikayla Riener, Delaney Uhlenkott, Wyatt Ross.
Hoeneís Hardware-Tyson Schlader, Samantha Riener, Matthew Seubert.
Rienerís Grocery-Mikayla Riener, Delaney Uhlenkott, Taylor Riener.
Cottonwood Credit Union-Abbie Uhlenkott, Delaney Uhlenkott, Cole Schlader.
The Hangout-Chaye Uptmor, Kodie Tidwell, Wyatt Ross.
Harman Agency-Jake Stubbers, Jared Sonnen, Tara Schlader.
Forsmann Accounting Service-Chaye Uptmor, Samantha Riener, Dalton Ross.
Lauretta Poxleitner, CPA-Chaye Uptmor, Reid Uptmor, Cole Schlader.
Longís Auto Sales, Towing & Body Shop-Chaye Uptmor, Sierra Wright, Cole Schlader.
Sonnen Meats-Chaye Uptmor, Reid Uptmor.

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